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Sicko's Judical System


Baby rapers. What all you fucken sick freaks did to me and so many others through the laws and from your funds galore did terror crimes. You sick fuckers need to be put out of business. You pimps and no good rotten sows of life forms working through the laws to extract funds off traumatic cases by demand of income money from those very sources you have created as your slaves. Burn in HELL for it.


You sick motherfuckers shouldn't be in creation raping up on us as you are to enslave us down with no rights no money. You fucken freaks. You don't deserve SHIT to own to have.


What you did to me personally I'll send you to hell for it. I'll get you afterdeath and your soul won't ever be free after I send you off to hell with Jesus Christ's promission because he isn't a Christian nor a freak of sexual conduct. You fucken law freaks have been baby raping up even on me! You like raping innocent children and using the courts of laws to do it? Fuck you too. I hope you Burn to death in hell.


I had nothing and had been harmed for all my life through courts of laws. Once they terrorized me to pimp at me like they did to me when I was 14 years - old through the court of laws in their lovely arranged sex trafficking methods of our people for their people...I was taken. So many predators preying on me thorugh the laws stripped me down to nothing for show ongoing always. I've had to run and hide to stay alive. While they badger to demand large sums of money from me illogical even. Their women are no better. Freaks and pimps they are as that for their gains off our children even. That's why they want your children arrested.


They are predators feeding off us like we are their fucken cows to juice dry. Rotten no good life forms want to rape babies while pimping at us through courts of laws illogical on demand for money after they remove all of our right on the lands. You fucken faggot whores. Working throught the laws to gain more by harming down people like me to sale off as sex workers so they gain more. They were enforcing sex crimes on me through the courts of laws. You fucken no good freaks.


since childhood the courts of laws staff has bought up pussy and baby cocks left and right off the streets after they took the parents  away from the children to cage. They preyed on us children. They wanted lots of sexual favors done for them in order to give us food or something for our survival. Those very people I'd see in charge of courts of laws when they'd come back at me demanding I pay them illogical money in order to not be placed as a criminal they were setting up as by terror conflict harm.


They'd strip me of everything I ever owned or had and have the Superior Courts of Laws demand I pay them just to remove a Warrant for my arrest. Pay the New Pimps, lady. They forced me to the streets with no money, no home, no car, no proper income. Inaduate money in poverty and they setout to criminalize me for their profits. Demanding MONEY from their new street person they enforced out there that they arranged to be isolated, segregated ; setup in poverty from a broken system and home. They preyed on me like beast tracking to attack another animal for food.


After they stripped me down of everything that used the courts of laws methods to demand I pay them. After removing me from a proper system of employment and respect. I hope you burn to death in hell always for harming our innocent ones, like myself. You punk bitches want to enslave us and mock our lives through the laws? Die punks for it.

All the baby rapers were active using the courts of laws to sexually abuse us and abuse us to remake us throught he law to even pimp babies on the streets as they did to me. Demanding I produce money after they removed all respectable income gains from me. Then their pussy eating bitches in secret wanted to use me and the other little ones to extract more gains in income for themselves ongoing by a system worldwide they created. You'll die for selling me off with your yard sale stuff. Law freaks as bitches eating other bitches cunts up and asses. And producing our men as women. You'll be burned up for it.


I spent my whole life on the streets basically by law enforcements that found me in security to remove me through the laws to prey on me every which way they could and my family. They wanted to secretly arrange life for us to abuse us sexually even from a childhood income disadvantage. For all my life I have been preyed on by the courts of laws for sex. They want gratification and to control their civilians that are weakened in poverty through the laws to sexual abuse us for profits for them even. I have been sex - trafficked through the courts of laws. They want that pussy for SALE. On the Market.


They want that ass for sale for profit on the market through their judical system. They sold me off to China Town when I was a child as a sex slave worker. That's about your punk bitches with superior income controlling the laws. In my hometown where I was born and raised they enforced incredible poverty on me and once they got control through the laws their women were demanding from courts of law I pay those bitches $100 dollars to remove the warrant they put on my head. After they terrorized me and enforced a mentally deranged man to lead me to the future.


Every trick John I seen in my childhood buying up sex from children on the streets mostly were law educated degreed customers I'd encounter. They setup a system to abuse our people. DNA, family trees.


They would use my body and mind to try to enforce me to sex slavery since childhood for their profits. That's the courts of laws. I had to have sex when I was a child with  people controlling the courts of laws on the land. They destroyed my father's life and preyed on my mother's life with children through the courts of laws.


They wanted to create their new system of criminals. They wanted to sale our children off like it was a yard sale purchase for five - dollars. I was harmed so severely by their women that wanted to pimp me for money by using laws to do it. After they sexually abused me since childhood through their government legality system.


I met lots of children sex - trafficked, used up and abused from courts of laws with their families. They want innocent childrent to rape and use up on and get away with it through courts of laws. Ongoing. I hope fucken no good predators working out of the law raping us up as even innocent children you enforce to the streets.  I hope you fucken die for it. I want you to Burn in HELL for it.


You baby rapers harmed me through the government system laws ongoing. You wanna sale me as your yard sale garbage? They wanna sale me off for five - dollars through the law system? Die for it. They did grave damage to me acting like I wasn't one of them. They also like to have street boys and girls suck them off for their freedom. That's law abuse.


Just thinking about all the crimes they did to us is insane for their great lifestyle opportunities and sexual gratifications. They arrest children because they want to remake them for their sexual gratification.


 They wanted the whole world to fuck me as a child through their Judical system. They placed me in China Town for it as a child. Sex Sales. I hope you punk bitches working through courts of laws get they same treatment as you did to our people, ahead.


An eye for an eye, punks. Don't think I'll let you in even. I'll band you from accessing the spirit world afterdeath for harming us. Your living physical life is doom by harming us as you set out to do, baby rapers operating through laws.


You'll all end up burned down for it. I have empty pockets and the courts of laws wants slaves. They'll die for harming me. You'll be bomed for it. Bombs will remove your freakness activities of sex enslavements through your government systems. Bombs will explode at you for harming little babies like I was you decided to remake into your whores. Fuck - you punks gaining off our children sex.

You will be bombed out for it ahead. You sick men and women using money to rape at the babies even for ongoing gains throughout their lives. Die for it. PUNKS. You wanted to prostitute off virgins as your prostitutes you stole away from their familes. Die for it. You pieces of shit have used me enough.


You punk asshole bitches fucking other women while married while your husbands whore themselves out to whatever they can put their penis in to fulfill their conquest. You punk asshole bitches have removed me from all resources for my surival by incarcerating their sex - trafficked victims through a court of Johns that want to buy up those baby girl pussies and baby boy cocks on the market. So what do they do they enforce us to be their criminals so they can sexually abuse us for their great income gains. They want steak to eat every morning with eggs.


They want to arrest you with child so they can take your child to their very beds to fuck up on. I know. I was one. You get arrested, father or mother so the predators thinking they are superior in unifors operating controlling the laws can send the parent to the cage to molest and sex - traffic out  their children. I know all that goes on. Dickless cunts want to dominate to be the new men operating through the laws to rape your babies by taking them to their incarceration cages.


They want me to sale my ass, pussy and mouth in prostitution moves to pay courts of laws in an honor system that they created. Because I am not wanting to do their bidding on life positions for gains for someone like me they have destroyed my life and enforced predators against me to sexual abuse me ; or murder me off as the norm if I won't produce what they want. A whore for sale for profit.


My spiritual powers alone I am not your whore to abuse through your government system nor with your people. You are in incredible damange and your whole country could burn down for it. Feeding off me for supplies will burn you all to hell easy enough over your terrorism crimes against my life personally.


You want babies sucking your cocks off you poke to harm in abuses? You wanna pay the child money for sex to help their families after you robbed us through your laws? Fuck you too. PUNKS. The ones controlling the country want to kill us off like we are animals they are set to hunt down for the gains they extract. Go figure.

They are also sex predators working through the laws to rape up our babies even on their superior extractions methods. Lots of baby -rapers open their wallets for money to purchase sex off innocent children the shadow government arranged. While their freaks of perverts with hammers to bash your brains in demand large sums of money after you are already destroyed on the lands.


They get off on harming us to death. They get sexual fulfillment off harming us. While they create more damaging harm to us personally so they can feed off us., personally.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved.