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Slavery Schemes 


This is about the makings of a real life slave and how that transpires through your laws currently. From birth on up I am viewing a problematic system that has nothing to do with one race in reference but all the races to be under a higher rank of superior wealth that is honored above anything else to give great wealth too and power. At a level they injure minds, bodies, spiritual rights and our emotions through corruption to build to make by molding up their slaves.


Slavery is about reducing those slaves intelligence to make them think they deserve what they have received in life through punishments ongoing at a level that is humilated, mocks them ; criminalizes them from early on in roles created right back to prostitution enslavement schemes through the laws so they gain more. Trickery schemes to uneducate people ; to criminalize them ; to harm them to cages to eliminate them even is actively going on all along. Slavery lives on and all races are subject to it from a corrupt regime system that breaks minds and hearts and destroys families and lives for their righteous superior ranks of honor. And by doing so they create and have created a world of slaves enforced through laws to pay them. And to be forced to do things they regularly wouldn't do to survive, that's slavery.


Sex -trafficking out your victims through the laws after breaking their minds and hearts and lives through shattering their roles in life is another major problem for what is and has been enslaving us all under a corrupt legal system that preys on people for profits for them. That makes you the bad person when you are not to use and abuse you as their Dumb Criminal.


Poverty can you read and write? If not you might be the next whore slave for a country through corrupt laws enforced. Everything of yours in resources and opportunities could be taken away while the judical system demands you pay them after you were severely harmed from the environment system they created for you. Pay the courts of laws for your emotional releases after you were raped 1,000 times and abused as a stupid retarded to manipulate for a prostitution ring through the laws of enslavement schemes. 


Every which way they could terrorize us even through our own races they happily eagerly condemn you down to enforce crime and that adds to the slavery and abuses on all levels until the Great Spirit rises up to destroy the world of ignorance slaveholders for it.


Do you love sex-trafficking us  out through the laws so much so? I've had to survive through it over and over again by a very corrupt legality regime. Setting up crime to enslave people is something I'm very much aware of. Also brutalizing minds in Education Systems is something I had to survive through as the Mentally Retarded child to view to terrorize that is really the smart pretty girl. A setup system to break your minds and hearts is noted through cruelty and dishonor.


Your own race from the top of the wealth legality system doesn't mind enslaving their own people and treating them like the new dogs to abuse as the norm down and out to be harmed more through removing opportunities and resources. While using laws to demand poverty pay what poverty doesn't and that is a system of predators that enslaves and enforces sex-trafficking schemes for profit.


Creating the slave goes back to poverty and land location and educational services even to consider the roots of molding up your slaves for future work. Perhaps you are to have nothing in life and to believe you are stupid and a bad person? And you spend your whole life in poverty being abused in a dispicable predjuice system like myself.


Never having a real home of your own ; or a real job that you were allowed to have. Never proper schooling support help. Just set you up to be sex-trafficked out over the demise that could be a setup system to enforce roles. If you are harmed with no home and to walk for your whole life over a system that is so corrupt that even targets to betray disabled people to enslave to a judical system wrongly that demands even large sums of money at once through their own setup corrupt system to scheme more through trickery schemes ; lies and whitewashing your court papers after they terrorized and destroyed you life to the streets to reside. Go figure.


I've dealt with a scheming conniving backstabbing legal system where the lawyers to defend poverty only were trying to figure out how to harm them more to hustle them out of more. While giving no defense only assault harm upon them betraying them and labeling them through corrupt immoral laws wrongfully in attempts they will come back again to have that expunged. On and on the trickery hastle schemes to enslave and to even prostitute you out through a system of governing created laws has been targeting me all my life.


Now we know how Mary Magdalene became a prostitute. It's created through a system of laws that sex -traffics out the most vulnerable people for profit. An ongoing system that targets poverty ; the vulnerable ones mostly always to gang up on them to harm them and abuse them in all sorts of ways created by a prejudice backstabbing system that preys on each other to get ahead.


 It doesn't matter what you look like really. It's what you can do for them that matters. It doesn't matter how spiritual you are. It's about them betraying you to whore you out through a very disturbing ongoing sex-trafficking system of laws enacted in concealing their slavery method schemes. That's one system I am fully aware of operating against the most vulnerable of people. And of course if you are attractive it might be more encouraging for others to prey on you easier in a legality system overrunning corruptly a country and countries and systems to reap gold and honor and superior roles over others, layer by layer.


Can you imagine having to work full-time when you have no home ; nor car and the law preys on you so they can score? It happens readily regularly all the time. And then you might not even have any money to protect yourself with. A coldblooded heartless system is evident. A lack of care is obvious when you prey on disabled citizens to sex -traffic out. That's just one slavery way the law has to chain you to their system for life. At least that's their hopes through the corrupt lawyers not defending you because you are in poverty and they don't care. They rather harm you.


Predators working through the laws prey on people regularly to get over on them. To cripple them down even to harm that much more for elimination tactics. So they can be replaced with hopes of more wealthier ; more educated people in their viewpoint. To replace with a better people? Replacing us and trying to murder us off through the judical system and those operating controlling all the resources and opportunities is noted. 


Doing war crimes on us is noted from a judical system and others helping do crimes against vulnerable people that are in poverty and / or disabled even the system is wiping out everyone weaker than them to take from them however they can. Homicide cases by people thinking they can get away with brutalizing our minds and lives because we are disabled or low income is noted. The deaths have increased even by suicide of the predators dominating trying to harm our own people to steal from them for profit. Even through murder and corruption ongoing.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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