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Hi  Everyone. It's great to have you here to view this information from my own life experiences. I have had my own religious experiences all my life due to training with the supernatural in mind.

I am a spiritual medium. That's also about that I have psychic abilities senses to see and hear and understand in-between worlds systems. That's about another and other dimensions overlapping in time and our connections to the land phenonmenon physically and spiritually all through time I have access too.

 I experience my world with ten-senses connections accesses. Just like you have five senses you regularly use. I can access double senses and I live a very difficult life over it because others want to use the laws to harm me in gross ongoing prejudice abuses by discriminating and creating havoc always for me over my disabilities related to going into a religious trance like state. They want to harm me to death for it and get away with it.


I work with supernatural powers and that is about intelligent hauntings that goes supernatural in operations even for me religiously in a trance like state. So no I don't want you spiritually retarded corrupted files policing me for your mighty control abuses upon my very back and life. You will suffer for harming me through spiritual warfare crimes.


I can't just be always nice when I've been hurt all my life ongoing in ill treatment that is outrageous and speaks about these times spiritual warfare crimes from people ignorantly abusing others to dominate them into a labor force role they decide on is the way to go. When you do spiritual warfare attacks assaults on me while destroying my life to criminalize me it springs back upon all you people for it that created a demise of a spiritual system like that to witness. Hate crimes over dumbing down people into placement roles is viewed. I observe their hate crimes in action.


My Spiritual guidance leadership all the way back to heaven has nothing to do with jealousy and competition. No that's you people ill competively to harm to death others for your gains and great sexual and life fulfillments methods. To control everyone and all their minds and hearts alike to ruin? You crazy no good people. You are spiritually dishonest and lack proper knowledge about what's what. You think money is everything to worship and respect. You harm truth to death. That's ill.


I have had religious people discriminate against me and do little hate attack concealed crimes over my own religious experiences. They disapproved. You fucken no good idiots for it too. You stupid liars and cheats don't even know yourselves well enough to know much anything else. You pretend to be religious for credit in your  communities and societies. You gain credits to go on to worship the money God they worship.


They say their religious to me and turn around and do hate crimes over the fact I have my own religious experiences. It's not about being a member to a religion. Not folks I have my own private religious experiences. And that always was discriminated against when I went to others religions to seek truth spiriutally. I was treated like a terrible person for having religious experiences. Crazy spiritually retarded People. You are so insanely corrupted. 


How can you people say you are religious when you do not value anything whatsoever about the makings of such knowledge. You are stupid fucken no good people for it too.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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