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I have developed naturally since childhood a special gift of sensory perceptions extended out to other senses of development. I was able to recognize a spirit guide checking in on me at four-years-old. At that age I would seek to adventure off by boundary areas I'd think were safer than another. I had freedom to cross streets and walk to a corner store at the beginning edge of the neighborhood where I lived in a small town when I was a child. We moved from there to a ranch house with a barn and a guest house. Along with a pasture carrol and land estate terrain. 


If I wasn't trying to runaway I was guided to safety about what I could do and where I could go and what to stay away from. So at five-years-old I'd travel out down the dirt road to leave the ranch property estate in the forest wilderness to travel up to the carrol where I could climb the fence to hop on the back of a retired race horse, that was also named Kim.


I was warned not to go to the river or to the quicksand area on my adventures away from the ranch we lived at in the wilderness terrain. I'd travel alone down a dirt road and one time I escape to the highway on the back of a moving horsestale truck in hopes to go back to the old neighborhood in Wenatchee where I grew up. But then I became afraid and hopped off to stay back in the mountain terrain area. I busted open my headed jumping off the moving vehicle and blood poured forth as I traveled back home. I was that type of child.


My mom considered me a free spirit of a child and wrote a poem about me in reference to me being like a wild Native American Indian child from long ago. As though I had been reincarnated to be as that. I'd venture off to climb up on the fence to hop on the horses back bareback at five-years-old to try to run that horse in a pasture until I was thrown clear off over the force of the horse stopping at the fence. My little body could bearly stay on the running horse I was so light and little. I was bouncing up in the air until I was thrown over attempting to force the horse to run fast in a fenced in carrol. The retired race horse probably could have jumped the fence but I couldn't remain on the back due to being so lightweight.


The horse awakened my unconscious self as I laid on the ground after my daredevil attempt at running a retired racehorse in a pasture when I was only five years old doing that bareback. It caused me to go unconscious as I hit the ground. The horse put its face into my to make sure I was to awaken. I did as the horse had it's nostrals pressed up against me breathing heavily and nodging me.


One day I traveled down the dirt road to leave the wilderness land area that headed towards the nearest town and I climbed the side of a cliff ledge area to a higher land location of wilderness terrain with wild flowers where I sat to play. And around the wildflowers and tall wildbrush were lines of forest trees all around me. Behind me and to the side of me where I sat upton the cliff area of land up from the road I could sense aura energy lights from a few trees behind me that were over off to the side from their own consciousness within that tree they were perceiving me sitting there. 


I recognized that consciously with clairvoyance connections to clairsentience of energies to sense and feel that do obsorb within you in ideas to decode. It's photon lights plus aura colors with that from a  living water liquid source. That would be attached to energies on the transmissions that is also a connection to clairsentience coming out from another source to read light waves in their environment.


For whatever reason just like with people they standout more than others from some sort of aura, light waves that magnifies their energy somewhat more on the receptions, on the transmissions to another. It's like attraction awareness consciously one to the other on recognition.


We can pick apart why this or that is being perceived all we want but it doesn't change the idea of perceiving it in the firstplace. Well anyhow before all the criticism and skeptic arises from others as the story that is true unfolds. Speaking ones truth to others or another can complicate matters depending on the message sent. So like attracts like mostly and that's the way it should be. When you are peering in as an enemy or a skeptic to bring negative it puts a damper on the happiness of the message to send.


I sat there in the wilderness that day at five-years-old alone looking at the bees landing on the wildflowers as I sat there in the wildgrass lands. I could sense the aura lights of the trees behind me that were consciously aware of me there for what I was doing. It felt like they were protecting me like soldiers lines up on guard overseeing protectively from their auras me right there alone.


Perhaps it had something to do with the open wilderness fields behind those mountain trees that made their aura lights shine that much more. I never ventured past those protecting aura light trees. But I sure do know they were sensing me there.


I didn't know it at the time but I was able to read aura energy lights transmissions to interpret them within my own body ; within my own energy field. To sense and to know from a gut level feeling as well as to consciously recognize on a deeper level about something much more important that reminds silent. Consciousness is alive in transmission with anything that has had liquid running through it. If it has been created from liquid and is alive or has carried some sort of organisms in it there's a recording transmission with it even after it no longer is surviving to be alive in liquid substance add-on forms.


It wasn't until in my late twenties one evening I decided to take a stroll in the country down a road that had for a couple blocks lined with all orchard trees and on the otherside of that was a gravel pit that use to be an old burial ground dug up ; with a little squared off to the far corner in a fenced off area a cement lot of on the ground headstones. 


But that was still off at one side that gravel  pit and off at a distance two blocks ahead going down a hill halfway up on the ridge area was the old gravestone markers. At the time I hadn't yet discovered on my adventures to investigate that area. I was just there walking after having recently moved to that area. 


I had to get me some cigarettes at the time so I was heading to go to the only nearby quick stop gas station store. Which was several blocks away from where I was at. It was a quiet evening night as I strolled off alone. Suddenly I could hear a sound being carried from the wind that sounded like a faint crying sound.


The year was 1998. Here I was alone on a isolated road in the country hearing a strange sound streaming on by me as if it was being carried by the wind. I looked over in the orchard to see if I could see someone over there. I looked for a distant house light which I could see off at the far distance to the right of me. But that was at a distance too far for the sound of a baby to be carried like that in that way. I was too far away from the houses so I bent down and scoped real good for anyone standing in the orchard that I could see even with my sixth -sense, spirit sight to see.


It was an unexplained mystery phenomenon. I continued on.... It wasn't but a few days later when I was with my mother and she had me with her and we were driving by the same location. I instantly knew that I had somehow tapped into the spirit aura consciousness energies of transmissions of the orchard trees.


To my Spiritual Mind rationality with ten-senses knowledge connected to spiritual mediumship and basic logic facts with a standard average IQ I put it instantly together that the trees were aware ahead of time that they would be prunned and some not bearing fruit would be chainsawed down for removal.


It was like my past lives I had spiritually in knowledge from a soul level even would come to me naturally to solve strange complications of supernatural style mysteries. It was easy for me to translate the messages to interpret. I learned how to comprehend quite a lot about spiritual knowledge from ancient times connected to past lives and psychic abilities.


I knew that the trees were making a crying sound because they were already aware of the men ; the people working in the orchards that would be arriving from aura energy lights from those consciously working with those orchard trees that the saws were coming. That crying transmission sound was because the trees are of energy and they take in water to absort. They are alive and apart of Jesus Christ Rainbow in ideas. That's about the Aura, photon lights. To hear a tree or trees is about a sound so faint in making to the human ear for hearing that humans usually cannot hear or see or know about the invisible that is operating loud and clear to see and to hear and to know to other species ; or to someone that has developed enhanced senses to report about. That's about a scientist and that's speaking about intelligence in accurate comprehensible spiritual knowledge connected to advance sciences for your awareness for consideration.


I told my father about the experience of hearing the trees crying out and then soon after I saw some trees being sawed right out of life and most others just prunned soon after. My father told me that the Native American Indian religion speaks about such matters that they communicated with the trees and plants and spoke to them about their healing properties and they received back the answers.


It came natural for me to discover and seek answers to the supernatural phenomenon. I was always having to be like an exploreor uncovering ancient spiritual knowledge connections to my life and world in-between worlds even.


Then again in 2002 or around that time I was living at another location in a city. I was heading to college strolling my baby along to go catch a city bus on the boulevard to first drop the baby off at daycare so I had to leave extra early. It was early in the morning no one was around outside around me to be seen at that location.


I was passing by a McDonald restaurant where trees were aligned to the sidewalk on bothsides of the boulevard. As I was strolling the baby along I heard clairaudiently the sound of trees crying just as back in 1998. In my mind I told the tree to the righthand side of me "I am only recalling the past don't worry that won't happen to you." I was trying to reason with the sudden sound again and was in complete denial about that now these other species of trees were crying out that way as did the orchard trees before they were cut down or thinned.


I continued on strolling the baby with no time to be thinking about crying trees. Although the sound continue on that whole block long roll of trees from both sides of the street that same faint low windy blowing sound pitch continued on as I crossed the street to the bus stop. There a tree next to me stood and I telepathy said to the tree. "Don't worry you won't be cut down". The bus arrived and I carried on about my business for the rest of that week.


After the weekend and I headed back with baby to the boulevard to catch the city bus to daycare and college I was stunned and grieved and shocked and numbed by what I saw. They had removed all the trees that were aligning the boulevard. Only the trees I spoke to that I said you'd be safe were still present to be seen. It was a bad feeling I got from it all. I hadn't been prepared for it. I wasn't watching the news or reading the local newspaper. So I was taken my surprise that I had to go through it all over again.


Once again, the trees knew ahead of time the plan of another energy field aura even in groups for what they are thinking in thought transmission receptions being transmitted off through photon light waves from your auras to another living source to decode your minds thoughts. Through your auras can be read your thoughts directed at another living watersource if they are naturally adapted to their surroundings to decode through energy field aura related photon light waves. Trees and plants and other species that cannot speak your own language decode your thoughts from your auras. That doesn't always mean the interpretation is correct necessary on the transmissions. You have to be accurrately able to read those transmissions.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserve, 2022