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Spiritually Gifted Children


Hello there. It's a pleasure to be able to speak to you about something that touches my heart as in being dear to my heart. And that's about the precious innocent children that speak to us without hesitation usually always unless it is abused out of them early on. Children that are able to speak their minds without others controlling ineffective lack of proper communication measures.


If you control your child or childrens self confidence through controlling communication for what they can say and when they may speak to you type of methods to overrun children to HELL then you sure wouldn't be finding spirit communication messages coming from those suppressed in mind control to control your thoughts through your voice expressions. Abuse is always going on all different types of ways and directions. When we recognize a negative we need to also try to find solutions for the positive to be found. To me that's about children being able to freely speak to adults even to say what's on their minds without hestitation.


Effective communication taught early on between an adult and a child should be like a friendship of communication guidance. Set their minds free to say and think as they wish and you might find a spiritually gifted child speaking back to you. Or what the messages they give straight from their innocence doesn't mean their making stories up.


I have raised children up to manhood enough times. Those children, males would forewarn me one by one through their childhoods to alert me when they started seeing ghosts, spirits coming around in various forms. Do you think I'd deny them their messages?! No, not me. Although at the time when I was alerted, warned about spiritual information about what each child spoke about was true. The forewarnings would have me investigating the location, room where they were having paranormal experiences. That's about an intelligent haunting problems.


It can become a problem by denying it by withholding in abusive measures free speach. You do that early on and it destroys the child's confidence and may cause communincation delays and so forth. Speech issues ahead for the child or children that cannot freely release their minds to the world, to others seem to crawl up inside themselves and sort of die to be recreated just like another mold of another through the cultural ambitions respectfully. Which seems to harm away true spiritual knowledge for an easier more understandable, more controlling methods over even the spirit world. Which you cannot get away with to deny and overrun in hate crimes to chase off true spiritual knowledge.


The first time a child alerted me about seeing ghosts, spirits in his room was one day when my son Anthony was seven -years-old and he came out of his bedroom and said an angel lady in a blue glowing light was standing in his room while he was trying to sleep. He couldn't sleep because of it. Then it was the scary no face spirit that stood at his bedroom window peering in at him with just a white sheet of light of a face.


Even though I have had tons of psychic abilities experiences even coming out of my physical body during a tonsil removal situation when I was five to observe every little thing the doctor was doing to my physical body. And even though I could 'see' spirits and had communication with the spirit world since the earliest of age I still questioned him and then stated it was just a dream to go back to sleep. He was adament no it wasn't a dream. He was serious.


 It went on for a few nights. Until I got so upset thinking the neighbor party dudes...that some neighbor guy must have been looking in the window at him. I confronted the neighbor college guys and told them my son saw someone looking into his window. I wanted to know if they had been outback over by his window. They said no. I investigated outside back there by his window for clues if it was a physical person problem. So even I with background training knowledge experiences would rationalize to reason out very complicated abnormal type of situation talk.


I trusted Anthony about what he was saying. I just didn't understand what was going on about it. After a few nights of him waking up and coming out of his room to me afraid to go to sleep in there...I decided to change bedrooms literally physically to put him in the room I had and moved my room to his. That also was about furniture. The bedroom sets.  I was going to make sure I solved the problem. My common law husband, David wasn't pleased over a security issue about the bedroom choice. He was a protective male.


I was about solving problems and making sure my child wasn't upset. I had difficult experiences as a child over intelligent haunting experiences. That meant that I was serious about getting right down to it and approaching those spirits that were upsetting him I was personally going to protect my child to understand what was going on about it.


Once David and I was settled into the room -- within a weeks time then things started happening.  I had the bed pushed up against the righthand side of the room wall  to make more room in the smaller bedroom.  I took to sleeping against the wallside the otherside of the bed where it was an easy get up to go I left for David (Senior). I liked my sleeping arrangement against the wallside.


Then one night David decided he was sleeping on my side of the bed area that I liked. We argued about who got to sleep against the wall side of the bed. He won because he wouldn't physically move from my favorite sleeping spot I took right too. Well that night while we were fast asleep suddenly David sat up and started hitting the side of his head with his head angled off. He was slapping on one side of his head trying to do something. I asked him what was going on and he said something got into his ear and was moving around.


I told him to put water in his ear.  He rushed to the bathroom and went all out to flush out that ear so whatever was in there would come out. Sure enough after that fright an earwing surfaced. It was around that time period not long after that I awakened suddenly to a blue cloudy substance type of spirit that had been watching me. It woke me up. The spirit woke me up from observing me while I was sleeping. I opened my eyes to see a spirit in blue form like a cloud floating on up over the bed where I was and went through the wall out of the room. I instantly knew that spirit was looking for the boys. My children. Anthony.


The angel was checking up on Anthony. The children, the two little boys. I realized at that point that it didn't matter what room the children were in that the spirit(s) can float on through to go to whoever they want whenever they wanted for whatever reason that may be. It was out of my hands, truly, really.

Anthony never had any trouble after that no matter what room they were in. I ended up giving them back their room over the security risk David had about bedroom placement at the house. Our room oversaw the front entrance of the house. Therefore it didn't take long to redo their room and add in a fish tank to focus on and entertainment on the walls and with programming to keep them having fun and to be content.


The strange thing is that once back in our original bedroom we had I started having lots of dream memories that various spirits were coming to me and taking astrally in an out - of - body way where I was consciously remembering and telling me about how they were murdered and where. I started going through advanced training with mediumship. I even had a dream where I seemed to go back in time to that land location where two spirits were in the room with me that were consciously aware of me on that land because of a teacher and student that was still around haunting the land area. I was show a teacher standing with a student sitting on a stool for lessons.


I was tapping into a lot of invisible world information about intelligent hauntings training development enhancements that would occur through-out my life in ways that were like that. Before no one was warning me as little angel messengers spirits were coming around. I'd go through astral travel spiritual mediumship psychic detective type training. I was in my early twenties at the time. Anthony forewarned me about the spirits. Decades later I saw a spirit that resembled the white sheet of light face spirit he saw peering in at him through his bedroom window one day.


I think the spirits just come around to teach and train us. At least that's my experience. To protect and to oversee life path missions. I recognize that throughout my life I have been training with the supernatural and there's tons of spirits like living humans filling up space on earth at any time. There's another dimension. There's other dimensions.


When you are in your astral body you are under different set of laws in operations. That's about physics science. Many complicated weaved in branches of sciences in ideas. Recreating understanding. You are recreating understanding by safeguarding and protecting others while you are going through your own spiritual trainining type of message.


Little David was only two -years - old at the time so he never reported seeing anything Anthony saw at that time during that time period. It wasn't until Little David as we nicknamed him over his dad being big David. When Little David was six - years -old he informed me just like Anthony had spirits were upsetting him.


It was a time I was seeking a church service membership for the boys and I to attend. I was hunting after spiritual information. I guess due to my love for spiritual substance from my own spiritual sight and astral body knowledge connections to the supernatural I was thirty for spiritual food. I wanted a righteous spiritual life to raise my children in a lifestyle as that.


The next thing I know here's Little David telling me he's seeing shadows moving all the wall and coming off the wall walking around. I was flabbergasted. I knew already he was psychically sensitive. Spiritually gifted with a sort of precognition. He was a senstive child with an advanced  IQ. My boys were always scoring advanced in tests more than not. Therefore, I knew his mind was well and that there was just a difficult problem I was handed that was frustrating.


After a few weeks of Little David waking up and having to come into his parents bedroom to sleep because he was so fearful. He was to fearful. He was an early bird of a child. Meaning he always would awaken first thing in the morning before anyone else. And that's when the spirits started whispering at him.

Well, there I went again with ideas to dominate to confront the spirits. I was going to take charge one way or the other. At least in my mind I wasn't going to allow my children to be upset with sneeky spirits hiding from me. Because that's exactly what was going on. They weren't appearing to me. I would feel like someone did a home invasion when I'd open the door after we were away from home. It was that type of conscious perception gut kind of knowing. A knowing that something isn't right. An uncomfortable feeling. I started searching the residence to see if anyone was hiding in the apartment. No one was there just a bad feeling in the air filled up space. Something was terribly wrong.


I couldn't move the bedroom furniture out of the bedroom due to the heavy oak bedroom set. And then the children's bedroom set to switch rooms. It was way too much trouble in physcial work. Especially to do alone. Big David wasn't wanting to change bedrooms over a security risk again. The children already had the master bedroom due to that security front entrance door bedroom situation. It takes a smart protective man to understand placement positions literally physically in environments to safeguard properly as an adult male.


Therefore the children got to take over their parents bedroom furniture in the bedroom too for this particular situation. It was the same sort of protection I had to appease the child and to get down to what was going on to better understand what Little David was going through, at six - years -old. He was having terrifying experiences related to ghosts, spirits.


 As a mother, as a protector his mind and his emotional thoughts and situation he personally was going through on his own wasn't going to be mistreated to be mishandled. Of course that meant doing what I did before and that was occupying that space where the paranormal activity was occurring.


To be quite frank with you about the whole situation at that year date and always desiring during and around the time of the events that would occur to be righteous in my spiritual devotion seemed to enhance and activate extended spiritual complications in our environment during my times of spiritual distress. Therefore unconsciously even as I was seeking to be religious or about to be apart of a spiritual place, foundation to learn to better understand such matter it would increase supernatural type activities over my own birth placement spiriutal rites from a soul level.


 Since I have a life path mission quest pattern throughout time established sort of like an outsider religion that would have been conquered to be replaced in society around the world. I'm referring back to the control over the minds and lives and ideas on all levels of the people that have had much more complications for me to sort through due to the psychic abilities ; teleportation skills I have and other supernatural phenomenon attached to myself. I believe due to the fact that when I was more needing and thirsting for that spiritual substance it opened doorways.


I try to understand psychic abilities from living through it for my whole lifetime. I was a psychic spiritual medium child and I didn't know it nor understand anything about it but I sure did survive to live through it and this physical world to speak to you about many important spiritual matters.

There's always some sort of transition that happens that invites angels and other spirits of all types to intelligently interact with us to get our attention if we are spiritually sensitive with spiritual gifts as that to comprehend to know, to feel, to see and even to understand such matters better if not fully.


It didn't take long for me to become frightened over seeing spirits appear and peeking into an open door as I slept in the room Little David was frightened in. It was the original master bedroom with a bathroom that the children got to have for their bedroom over the dad's demand to be on door guard. That's about a protective type of male, naturally so.  That was about safety to have the bedroom closest to the front door with window there type of security protection.


Well of course there I was moving us out of that room. My mom felt the man had Robinhood syndrome because he was always on his own time. The relationship was doomed over his expectations for me to produce financial income to support us all at my own expense ongoing without true love or care properly was setting up that relation to end. During that time I had been on the phone talking to my mom prior to Little David seeing and hearing scary spirits around him. My mother was encouraging me once again to get way from the Robinhood character that was a miser after what I could produce he could take from more than not against a good life I wanted. And that was to be free of pressure that went against my spiritual psyche life path mission.


Troubles were going on but nothing I hadn't already been accustomed too and adapted too. But then here was this new situation about the child upset about scary spirits around him. Right away I saw a spirit walking down the hallway to the bedroom the boys had been sleeping in. I had left the door open and was sleeping in there by myself over the man I was with was hardly around at that point. The relationship was pretty much over and here was his frightened child and me with the bedroom door open so I could hear what was going on while the boys slept in one room and I in the other.


I was in that backroom area away from the frontdoor where the children were now resting sleeping in and playing in as their new space so David could feel safer more protected away from the room that he was being haunted in. As I layed there on a twin bed I heard someone coming down the hallway to the room I was in. A walking spirit that looked just like walking water in spirit form  bent forward then turned to peek into the bedroom I was in. I couldn't believe it !! I couldn't believe what I had just saw.


At the time I wasn't trying to compare it to the Dixie Chicks lyric song about a waterfall. And in that video there's a person with a video screen over them like water moving as a person. That's the type of thing I saw but different then that video type of similar comparison. I wasn't trying to compare that scary spirit I saw to anything at the time. Only now do I compare that water spirit to something similar. I have learned that there's water deities and wind deities too. That's about the Elemental Forces and spiritual conscious connections to the spirit world and of course spirits. Deities even.


After seeing that spirit of water type deity moving and walking with strange energies within that source that resembled moving water type. Water face and water body but shaped in human form with features to see that it was like a person. The creepiest thing was how it moved to spy into the room. And then one day not long after that I came home and headed down the hallway to my new bedroom where I started to move learn furture around. I was making sure I was staying in that particular room due to what I saw that wasn't a safe type of experience. A peeking in to a room of that type of spirit was scary to me because I never could believe I'd ever see something like that.


Nor would I have ever believe such a thing could exist even in the spirit world. But that it was and I was upset over it. Then came that day when I quietly entered the house...and headed down the hall to that bedroom where the door was open. I wandered at the time to myself, 'didn't I have that door closed before we left?' It was that type of self thought questioning. As soon as I was facing directly into the room I saw a shadow spirit of an authentic type built male with features to recognize.


It was as though some military type man was in a blackshadow outfit snooping through the room looking around so intently at the oddity of large items of furniture in the bedroom out of place that I had been pulling and moving around to change rooms properly with the children. And that shadow spirit was snooping in there like a detective around some papers I had laid out.


 As soon as he saw me he ran fast out the wall where there was a walkway area around the building two stories up. It seemed so much like some sort of security government operations with the  military but it couldn't have been. It was that real like and his movements and authentic build while looking around as though he was searching for something or to understand something.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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