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String Theory


Hi Everyone. It's nice to be here with you today to speak to you about my viewpoints about String Theory defined in meaning. My knowledge operating x2 that being one part of me within me my spirit comes out of my body and I travel out even across the world on a meridian line astrally. I go out on what would be a connection outline called String Theory. I travel across the sea / oceans to another land location in my spirit body. I can travel through the sky that way too.


 It's meridian lines connected to your string theory ideas with a astral body on that line going out. It can be from the sky or earth or underground even on the spiritual astral prints connections operations, superanturally. I work on a meridian line foremost with psychic abilities astrally in projection target. I use a radar system as well.


I have all the gear for prophesying with string theory movements. When I am doing a psychic reading on someone across the world I astral project out for the prophetic read. I go out on a meridian line connection atop waters even connected to string theory. I have projected out in Africa doing a psychic reading. I traveled there from a string theory line from a remote viewing type of astral connection going out. I was able to detect a herd of large wild animals running away. That was surface ground level at the  target land location area for the read.


You can travel through time with string theory going out on a meridian line by sea, air or underground to do prophetic psychic readings that way. I am advanced due to the religious experiences I personall have had for the work I do. Amen. And Amen was suppose to be about a deity named Amen. Do you know your religions well enough in meaning?


If everyone is a witch or using sorcery that has spiritual powers with psychic abilities. Or if they are that witch or sorcery ; or other negative bad person you hate to like that you discriminate against even for being able to see the spirits and into the spirit world because of having a special gift called Spiritual mediumship. If you are claiming to be religious but you discriminate in terror assault attacks against the very people that are having spiritual religious experiences than what does that tell you about your religious beliefs?


You people make no sense discriminating against authentic true spiritual gifts with another. You marginalize it and criminalize it to destroy others spiritual religious experiences? Insane freaks !!! And you call yourselves religious? No way. You are a fraud at it. There's no way you are truely religious if you don't even comprehend the meaning of religion or words attached to those religions. Insane weirdos are spiritually corrupted files. And you want to control the masses legally and their minds with your incredible spiritual retardedness control over minds and hearts and lives itself? insane freaks. Look what you created in your world, animals.


I want you to comprehend I don't think your world of paid for operations dominating over are always the best choices, you see. Dumbing down minds to ruin while you score the loot is pathetic demise of life to ruin. All while some idiot wants to control the world funds while murdering everyone off so he holds the world's loot in the end times all for himself / herself. Crazy fricken anus holes for show, animals. You are dumbing on the wrong grounds in life.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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