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The first time I reflected at a location in impressions about a suicide was when I was visiting at a friends brother's home. I was having a nice time visiting with a friend's sister -in-law that was pregant with her husbands baby while taking care of his children from a prior marriage. She felt burdened down as a young newly married female with so much responsibility to care for another woman's children in the home as her own too. We were communicating nicely together.


My friend had left to go do something and left me with his sister -in-law that was newly married to his brother. I sat there enjoying our conversations for how open and kindhearted and easily able to communicate to me her mind and heart about her new life role. 


She expressed trouble with another child and other children in her care as she talked and walked me back to the nursery room to show me the room she was to have for her baby was also her new husbands other childrens bedroom. She was depressed. As we headed to that bedroom I felt a heavy burdened etheric energy impression. Then we entered the room and I could sense a spirit of a man that had murdered himself there was in that room still. Something about a man that had killed himself there was still present causing a heaviness in the air that I could sense. It was spooky even though the room was lovely decorated and nicely kept for his children.


Due to have spent a few years prior actively giving out free psychic readings as entertainment fun to explore my psychic abilities accuracy level. I told her what I was perceiving there in the home in the hall area there that led to the bedroom and in that particular bedroom. I said someone that lived there before may have murdered themself here and that could explain some of her depression she was feeling by that particular energy of a person that had lived there before.


The interesting thing was she nodded and said, "Yes, you are correct that was my husbands brother that shot himself in that bedroom. It was his home that his brother had inherited over the brother that committed suicide.


The lady found it interesting that I could pickup on such matters. She was astonished that something could be left behind that I could pickup on to speak about that really did happen. She thought it was over and done with so it was all very interesting to her. Not long after that she made sure someone else took to care in their own home his other children. They were sent to live at the grandparents home a few doors down. She made sure she had that room her nursery for her own baby. She wasn't able to care for his other two children and sent them on their way over it. And that's the end of that story.


One time before I started researching about suicide deaths that occurred with videos to show about the death and then questions to the general public about do you know this person? Due to no identification. Or you see their faces and hear stories about deaths that way and then the ones that were unsolved suicide cases about who the person was I was interested in and learned some interesting things about connecting to those particular type of spirit energies on a direct target to be able to tap into their mind before the death occurred.


It was tracking information on high peaks of suicide case investigations. The energies accumulated by what type of person and circumstances before they committed suicide could have built up energies at a level where I could tap into it to see and know into that persons life before they died and even afterwards for what they think and have left to say or what have you.


I learned a lot but it was creepy strange to investigate about unsolved mysteries suicide cases with no identification. I learned that what was happening to that person before they died was like being entangled in a spiderweb of problematic conflict ongoing in their environments at a level they felt could not be reversed. The chemical balance in the brain could have created a level of depression or focus on the negative to carry out the end of their life over it all.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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