Manuscript : Roughdraft Note



Supernatural Prophet-s & Prophet-ess-es

An Eye on Reality to Report about.


The meaning reference in relation to what a Prophet and Prophetess really refers to in the defined logical term must factually consist of those that were physically alive throughout time ; that had psychic abilities mastered enough to predict all of earth life history through spiritual mediumship extended add-ons to acknowledge with mind powers to go with it.


We must take into consideration factual reports through history that have been handed down that now represents many branches of religions to see with Abraham religion and many other streams that venture off to see to define throughout time certain people whether the word Prophet and Prophetess was used or not to represent those top speakers that report worldwide accurate supernatural precognitive predictions to asist at crucial times during earth life history.


 Especially at wartime there's always the increase in spiritual supernatural phenomonenon to read about through history if it hasn't been confiscated and mistranslated and ; or condemned to perish in the flames of time as ashes to hide to sweep away from existence. And that leads on to the shamanic powers tribally that also have that amazing connection in bloodlines if those races of people still carry the roots of the customs to flourish up.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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