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Terrorism Law, Crimes


I am alive to be a witness to life on earth in all directions as that cross and circle to bear witness to my own existence while alive. I am aware of a supernatural power that carries into this world swords on their backs to manifest to protect a chosen one.  I could never understand how the ether could send forth warriors with swords on their back to materialize however that may present itself. I see spirits coming to protect an other and perhaps others.


Due to the work that I am able to do over my soulprints patterns and life and this and that factors. I am incarnated to see and to know a ton more than the average personnel in charge. I work with the spirit world and that is my chosen hobby. I have my own spirit guides incarnated physically and also in the ether that have not incarnated to materialize on earth to physical be captured and to go through the maze of the laws that overrun life.


Terrorism is taking away peace, and hope and leaving one disparaged and hopeless without a thing. Terrorism is destroying all hope in mind, body, emotionally, physically and spiritually to witness what is before thee. If that is the case.


I am to recognize many things over my soulprints and comprehensions with Ten-Senses add-ons that are triggered in fun ways to detect a higher etheric substance included that reads through living matter like no other. You are given technology to protect yourselves, that is correct.


What comes from the ether materializes eventually as a gift from the spirit world related to technology for you all, for us all. How you use your weapons and laws to control the lands is up to the forces in charge in groups and clusters that have domination over others physically at a level that may invite slavery and wars and control and hate and so on to enforce control physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally over a dominating legality system in charge.


I must say to seek your spirit guides foremost whether they are alive physically and / or in the spirit world you are aware of that materialize in someway to guide you along your life journey. I am not alive to point fingers at anyone else to blame them for anything else. I am only a witness in life in creation to live physically while being connected to Heaven, the spirit world and angels and other guides that assist to guide me along to educate me through another system completely related to a higherpower supernaturally foremost to recognize to cooperate with to learn from to obey in certain ways another outcome structure.


We have no control over a powerful physical dominating system that is in charge with weapons and technology to be the bosses over us that are helpless to such a system. I invite you to a spiritual calling of a journey to arise the new dawn in understanding that a powerful system that brings the technology to earth is aware of what is in existence on earth and how that system operations through given time.


It's not my job to control the world.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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