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The Black Cat Omens


Here we go again about  postive versuses negative mindsets with beliefs from stories told that has conditioned people's thinking processes for centuries. It's about Superstitions related to even the color of a cat. And that also relates to stories passed down through the years and probably of course through the centuries even perhaps about a bad omen if a black cat crosses your path. Or those folks that believe a black cat is a sign of evil is something that goes back to children's stories told. The witch and her black cat in ideas.


I believe in life others that aren't knowledeable literally about someone or something may think negative about that living life. And then false stories are told as if they are real. I believe it's mostly over hate crimes and ignorance of others that forces the wrong perception on someone or something different from them they think as evil.

If you don't like something or don't understand it you may try to murder it off so you are happier people. And then we understand where the negative reports come from how they surface in life to train minds into perceiving something wrong due to their lack of skill knowledge and proper respect and care for another type of life form.

It's either you like something because you understand it or that you dislike it because you don't understand it when your system created naturally wants to control over it. Even with wrong perceptions from lack of familiarity.


When you tell negative stories that aren't true people may believe it if they are ignorant of the truth about that particular life form. There's a cross in the line if something is really a bad omen or just a normal experience that occurs. There's a difference from a bad omen compared to a superstitious belief. One is about seeing and recognition of something that is a real omen learned to recognize to interpret meaning prophetically for and the superstition is fear factors over a lack of understanding at times perhaps about something or another. Such as the black cat being a bad sign. That's about prejudice ignorant negative creation outlets that want to paint visually and teach about what's negative compared to what's postive.

The black cat is suppose to be the witches cat for Halloween fun entertainment you know? It's marketing strategies others created for financial gains. So we recognize the black cat sitting on the witches broom for good measure to describe that cats role with that witch. I see, I know, I've learned.

I also recognize many things about what is correct compared to what is in error, false. In life there's plenty of negative. I wouldn't want to increase it against other species nor for human life to have to constantly be torn down as something of a negative thing. The bad black cat. Thinking that way is destructive and fails compassion and learning properly to understand another and others.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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