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The Bush

I had a dream one time I was astral traveling AKA out - of body with my son, Seth. Our physical bodies were at home in the United States resting in a sleep like state in our own separate rooms ; while our spirit bodies were on a trail that looked like somewhere in Africa.


We were walking along on a dirt trail the two of us observing the land in a dusty dessert like terrain when I noticed a strange tree. We walked over to the tree and a dark skinned man was living inside this particular tree. It was his home in his country.  I awakened from the dream and knew that Seth and I had ventured off to a place that would have been aligned to Africa and the jungle and those living in the Bush. The Bush people. I was able to meet someone living in a tree in a foreign land by going outside my body. Observing life somewhere else with another. Learning about life for a reason. Sometimes when we experience interesting dreams or experiences it happens for a reason weaved into time. However the message is interpreted will depend on what you extract from it. Overlooking warning signs could be there if you perceive it just from dream symbols.


I later on had issues about being uprooted from the land where I was born, displaced and pretty much mob and shunned prosecuted while going through some various serious disability of the mind over visions overflowing hijacking my mind. And the psychic work I do with spiritual mediumship to prophesy all was mocked down to be crushed out like if it never even existed nor my disability over it through corruption in courts of laws. Disgrace me is like throwing a baby out with the bathwater.


It sure did look like a ton of extra land invasion from Africa as though the Bush people were taking over housing rights by government grants. And everyone else from around the world. As well as rich snobs and the like dominating destructively harmful any chance that got to abuse us through bending laws to do so.


I didn't interpret the warning signs from the dream imagery impressions. We were really out of our bodies traveling. I didn't understand I was being taught, warned about displacement replacement. Perhaps we were to go live in the bush in the man's place? Later we became homeless by forces that were breaking the laws to do so. Tormenting harassing not needing a search warrant. Breaking laws invading and doing other wrongful crimes of prejudice and racist abuses.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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