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The Dead's Spirit Consciousness


I am lucky to be able to speak on such matters. I've been very fortunate to have had a close friend I formed online during a time when his cousin was murdered. Through him, speaking about the name and circumstances from the misfortune that occurred to his cousin somehow through a direct line that very cousin of his was coming through to observe. It started about a lawyer coat we were talking about and then some young adult male came through briefly into my residence at the time over what his cousin was talking to me about. And that spirit was able to communicate to me and I communicated back to Greg about what was said. He believed it was his cousin communicating through me to him. Well, that was the only sense it made about the contact.


A male that was murdered had come to me over a direct link from his male cousin talking about him to me opened up a direct link that would be me explaining about advanced technology to translate exactly how the operations of the mechanics work to access such reports ; to experience something that way. To understand about it is from experience. Well it is like a phone call to heaven as I've always said to connect to the otherside in reference to seeing a picture of someone and thinking about them or talking about them can open up a direct link to that other person's natural receptions.


It doesn't matter if you are alive or deceased there's always going to be breakthroughs in intelligent receptions  transmissions experiences ; due to the change in time and space still is something that can be accessed in and out of time. And time blending together overlapping is about everything is happening at once in a way because of the overlayers of time and what was there before and still supernaturally, mystically unfold to open some sort of accesses up in time and space over certain builtup energies that occur to make it possible.


How I am able to do Spirit Contact Readings is by a phone call to heaven sort of say. I see a picture of the person and the name and that connection is like ringing a phone line to that deceased person. It's also possible to do the same sort of thing to a living person. It's about sending psychic abilities type of messages but transformed into a natural not supernatural sort of explanations on one level of it. And that is about sound waves traveling through the air and telepathy. Add on clairvoyance and you have a direct link to accessing spiritual information. It all depends. I am a spiritual medium so it is easier for me to connect to a spirit. How they respond to that ring, ring phone call sort of say to them is up to them. Depending on what dimension they are on and all.


I had already learned from when my own maternal grandmother had died that there is an average time of two - weeks delay before getting to heaven. And that's about getting to the correct dimension where you must go afterlife when you die. I noticed a delay in contact with her after she died. And then suddenly one day as though my consciousness was hijacked ; misplaced briefly. I was standing in my spirit body at another location  with my deceased grandmother and my deceaced grandfather and they were looking at a large wooden chicken coop shack.


I was witness a situation that my mother would go on to explain to me why my grandparents were there looking in the chicken coop shack. Therefore I got verification about that I was witness my grandmother in heaven meeting up with my grandfather to reliving a moment they had together about when on the road traveling back in the Dust Bowl era time my grandmother had her first born child in a chicken coop shed. I didn't know that until my mother told me afterwards. My grandmother had chosen to review that time in her life and she was deceased and her husband she had stood next to her side that was the father of their baby. They were both reviewing that physical lifetime they had together. And I stood there watching it in my spirit body. Suddenly I was consciously back to work on the duties before me that I was suppose to be working on.


My full consciousness had returned. That's when I realized it had been exactly two-weeks since my grandmother had died. That told me about the delay before you get to heaven. Back to the story about the homicide case ghost. Here was a spirit of a man that had recently died named Nicolas and I was talking to his cousin Greg. And that spirit of that young man was spiritually giving me information because his cousin kept talking about him and that opened access between the three of us.


Nicolas was deceased traveling from house to house instantly after he was shot in a house with others over a jealous boyfriend to retrieve his girlfriend from a backroom.  Right away after he had died I was informed about Nicolas's death and back to a subject matter about a leather coat seemed to pull that spirit on through over liking to show off wearing a leather coat. That was the explanation of his cousin about what I told him a spirit was communicating to me about liking a leather coat. It was as though that spirit was acting like that spirit was still alived. But really that was a ghost of a man I was able to see and receive intelligent reports in a direct link of communication with sight over what that spirit was going through afterdeath.


Suddenly I would see the spirit and where he was going after he died to various locations when his name would be mentioned. It was as though he pulled me through somehow on some current wave line to travel from a heightened psychic consciousness accesses spiritually astrally to see certain things as he would see it. I noticed that he kept going to various homes where people were either speaking about him intensely or crying about him. 


I noticed he was having trouble adjusting to his new spirit body movements and nano-second easy astral travels where he could instantly manifest anywhere that had a location where others were sending him sound wave signals related to them speaking intensely about him. The deceased young man didn't seem to mind the way he died. It wasn't a concern to him. His loved ones was his concern and the fact that he was now invisible to them while having to learn to navigate to operate by a whole other new law of sciences was an interesting line open to me to him to witness.


It was just like I was spiritually being able to instantly travel to where he was going in a follow along behind type of role. Or to observe by instantly being pulled through from my conscioiusness to spiritually astrally feel like I'm taken away to learn about something. And that something was about the development of the new laws of sciences you must enter to go through afterdeath. You are in your spirit body afterdeath and can instantly travel to another location upon your own receptions about others thinking and speaking about you at some location can instantly have you there viewing what's going on there.


I learned from Nicolas's connection to teach me about what was going on with him after he died was that no one could see or hear him and he was stuck for awhile on earth in our physical dimension while he was a ghost. It was time he needed to adjust to the ether astral body he was now fully in.


One day Nicolas's spirit took me to the funeral location he was at over Greg calling from there. And I could see Nicolas having trouble about now he was levitating in the air and arriving to a location pulled through over others emotional thoughts about his life. That he wanted to walk physicall and be there but he kept like floating and having trouble hovering and operating on another plane level.


He hung around for a length of a few weeks before I recognized his spirit had fully adapted to the operatioins of the plane field level he was now fully on astrally. I was aware that he had fully entered another dimension.


I've had enough experiences to know that there's a lag in time after you die. As well as it is difficult to adjust to navigate if you have no idea at all about such spiritual matters before you die you go through a rougher time adjusting to the laws of science change.


I use to fear quite a lot having a spiritual contact with a ghost that was also able to use poltergeist activity to communicate and would speak out to send a sound wave message. As well as to physically interact with you. I was even pushed down a stairs before by a ghost. I can't say for certain if it was the boy ghost or the old man ghost. Most likely at the time it was the boy ghost. I can't think of any other prankster that was more michevous than that ghost boy. Although the male ghost was aggressive I doubt he was the one that pushed me down the stairs. It happened supernaturally the shove. And I seemed to awaken to come too at the bottom of the stairs wondering what happened. How did I fall. I felt like I had been pushed down those stairs but I couldn't rationalize it to make any reasonable sense out of it all.


I noticed that the spirits I would encounter in the ether were of all various types mostly humans that had died at somepoint.  That had intelligent haunting and traveling between dimensions accesses. While others stayed earthbound or came from  heaven to earth briefly on a direct contact mission. There seemed to be various types of spirits. Some earthbound and some from heaven that would travel through to this dimension we physically live in. 


I'd also meet spirits from other planes of time on earth when they had lived before still having accesses to our timeline through their timeline. I've met spirits from other solar system and planets in our own solar systems it seemed to be. I've met ET spirits and those UFO craft and have been on them far into a future time even. Time is a funny thing. All time is happening at once is a true message.


 It is in recognizing there's so much more going on in an invisible world that overlaps our own for reconsideration about very complicated material. 




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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