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The Easter Bunny's Job


Since childhood traditionally in customs there was always a gathering at the church services for the Easter Bunny fun activities. And socially throughout the country homes and recreational parks and so forth was happy children at play with a bunny waving from one end of the city to the other throughout the city. A giant bunny may be in the mall that you can have your photo taken with.


A car salesman might want to have a bunny holding a sign waving about their carlot autodealer sale. At the park a giant bunny might be entertaining a party of children and so forth.  It's a happy holiday to seek out eggs to gather after they are boiled and decorated ; hidden and found is the original operations for the fun seek and find gather in a basket.


The smell of sophar can be smelled in many a kitchens from boiling eggs as they are being prepared for decoration in honor of the day. Imagery and decorations aligned with Easter Bunnies fill up the minds and hearts and physical world to view in bunny gifts of all shapes and sizes with yummy designed chocolate bunnies to munch down on.


It's happy fun. Your class at school might also celebrate the holiday with great imagery of the bunny and the gains that come with it for the holiday.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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