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The Godhead


Hello there. It's lovely to be able to be here to speak to you this very day on such a very incredible important matter. We can as intelligent people define the word(s). And that opens up a gateway to a foundation to stablization a message times how much more in consideration of the subject matter on negative and positive mindsets.


We are talking about ideas and religious messages based on a system of information referenced as the Godhead. That's about somewhere in the world the word 'Godhead' is studied and perceived to conceive something outside of the sphereof the body.


That goes mainstream in religious groups and individual global mental ideas connected to a spiritual foundation of the mind. Each individual country and groups  within that country's religous and / or nonreligious beliefs about such matters dates back to the beginning of human -beings history on earth for seeking to explore and to create so much more.


When I first had my psychic abilities surge when I heard the voice of an angel and knew the angel was flying through the air levitating floating as if swimming through the air and rising up to levels to see and greet me to give me a message was apparent.


I started having incredible visions and was warned by a little angel of a child whispering spirits and shadows were walking around. Wherever there is a lot of spiritual activity related to a location and perhaps a person we want to take in the whole picture to view about the Godhead connection to living matter anywhere in time above the crown of the head.


Because I have a sixth -sense and see visions I am well aware of Kundalini chakra points healing rites information with the energy field of the body. And that just like a flying kite above your head is the godhead connection in an orb of light for transmissions.


Every religion, race(s) and mixtures of people and customs all over the world have some sort of connection to a source material guiding them along. Nowadays it might be the cellphone interferences in sound waves that rise up higher to shield you from that source material information. 


You are a soul alive and you have an energy field and that leads to an illustration from the Kabbalah in a system that surrounds in a graph information connected to the body and the supernatural esoteric ancient and onwards recordings of important spiritual religious matters to such subject material.


You have an energy field and above your heads are chakra point lights connected to your aura that can be viewed as a rainbow of lights to medically read. From source material at the top crown of light orb above your head relates to your energy field aura lights shining.


In the invisibile world or by using a sixth-senses and other mind powers as that you can start to see through the veil that conceals another dimension and other dimensions that operate overlapping in time and space on earth and interdimensionally that may be attracted to your sphere of lights to investigate that aura of yours.


The Godhead to me is that sphere of light at least a foot to 12 feet above your head in a ball of light that usually is outside of your own energy field on that line of it topping it like the star on a Christmas tree top.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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