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The Invisible World


Hello Everyone. Thanks for tuning in. I'm going to talk about my whole life experiences with psychic abilities. It has nothing to do with a mental illness. It is about a spiritual calling back to the Houses of the Prophets in material constructed methods for show. There's all types of people with bloodlines to shamanic powers in operation constructed up from the psyche and soul life prints. That's about a Life Path Mission as a preacher really truly it is about a supernatural enhanced senses religious mindset.


You are either spiritually very gifted to see into the invisible world. And / or you are a gifted inventor like Nikola Tesla. And even then he had spiritual roots with psychic abilities to recognize a link with technology. Nikola Tesla was harnessing energies and wanted to set the people free from charge to produce heaven on earth through accessing natural methods to set people free, create paradise.

The others that control the world of people through the Money God religion and law powers of authority to enforce it wasn't having Nikola Tesla overthrow the world religious domination Money God enforcement roles upon the people. Therefore, an elimination to marginalize him and undermine his methods and intelligence was an act set forth in his time.


Nikola Tesla was working on two levels to produce the fruit of the crop in advance technology methods. He was harnessing energy playing around with it. He was watching the sky and figuring it all out. Nikola Tesla reported he had a beauty in a UFO interacting with him. I believe she was a spirit guide to him.


Nikola Tesla was an inventor investigator researcher explorer just like the shamanic journey. Just like the vision quest and psychic abilities connection to the spirit world. You must have spiritual mediumship developed in order to work between worlds like that. Nikola Tesla was watching the skies and viewing the powerful magnetic storms and so forth. He was aware of UFOs and those operating those crafts. Did the others care? They eliminated him as best as they could.


When you die your spirit leaves your body. You are still conscious and operating under another set of dimesnional operation laws. Scientists AKA intelligence in operations gathered in our time era instructs us all about what they see that is invisible they use modern technology to guide us about. They demand to capture to recreate it in imagery physical proof. -- Ok.


Lets think outside the box a bit.


07/13 /22

7:15 AM


Hello there. I am very pleased to be able to communicate with you all about very important real life concerns that are attached to advanced technology. It's about a system that would be supernatural to a civilization that cannot tap into the invisible world to see another timeline that is futuristic with technology.


All through creation in time on lands across the whole world were Shamans and other specialists like Prophetesses and Prophets with prophetic life reports to release to instruct to guide civilations ahead through a vast time frame to see and know what is ahead in the future. People have stolen that system away and corrupted it.


They have trapped time to a certain era about the past prophets and manuscripts found they pieced together and translated and retranslated words and meanings to fit time eras. They replaced original text messages in some confusion in mistranslations included to govern over the world mostly from the Great Abraham religion stories. And from that system most of the whole world has been enslaved in thoughts from words and stories told about beliefs. With that sytem came gains and lifestyles in civilization.


We can clearly see how the world operates in physical matter by those in charge of beliefs to put together to overrun people to believe in something that was trapped in time. All while leading and controlling the masses from land to land worldwide. Laws and a religion called Abraham religion in streams and branches of it continue on building up to remake a world of beliefs. Changing the messages ; words to be rewritten to fit each person founder writing the great stories connected to laws about what exactly? The Supernatural messages that we are handed down from the Heavens.


We can see how Abraham religions have dominated lands and laws in murderous domination sprees to control thoughts and beliefs and traditional governing over gains in resources and so forth. You are in a civilization that is dominated by folks from the highest financial level gains. And from them they decide what you all can gain to achieve and think about for your life resource opportunity outlet gains. If you don't measure up you are eliminated early on and disgraced easily enough. They have overrun and rewritten the original spiritual messages by changing words and paragraphs meaning.


That all goes back to thought system. If I can see spiritually supernaturally and I have also had very incredible religious experiences. Religion is defined as supernatural controlling power. I've personally experienced that all my life and was always criticized and mocked down for not measuring up to others great lives in gains.


I noticed the rewriting and recreating of religions. Thoughts. Religion is about a supernatural operating connection. If you do not truly have it but pretend you do when really you have PHYSICAL CONTROL ; MONEY POWER ; LEGAL AUTHORITY ; FINANCIALLY & MATERIALLY to outsmart and degrade minds and places to dominate over in belief systems than you find where the president and great actors get to sit to run the laws and your minds in legal processes.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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