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The Little Angels


Children have always been my Little Angels for consideration. They are the best at connecting innocently to the Heavens and speaking honestly foremost overall without hesitation. They are also our soul mates guides from before we were born when they come into our lives physically. When they are born it is for a purpose. And they are to be respected properly.


From the Heavens to Earth you chose to be born. You prearranged it with a soul group of others. How's that for socialism? You all are much more powerful souls than you probably ever considered. You have much more power than you realize. Each one of you is valued and not overlooked by the Great Spirit and all those that work along with that Great ONE.


Whatever the name you use to describe your Great Holy Spirit that is the Creator of all of life is up to you. We call heaven through our phone call video call to the spirit world. It is clairvoyance ; that sixth - sense visual vision accesses with clairaudience to hear.


You are a spirit alive physically within your body. You own that physical body that houses your spirit. It's important for you to know that the Little Angels physically alive that are children come from the Heavens to teach us also. We aren't just teaching them. Adults learn from children if that are attentive, caring and respectful fully.


Listen to the children and be respectful they are alive for a reason and are great teachers to everyone also. The born little angels are also our guides due to learning from them through interacting with them. Hearing them and communicating with them we can find truth and reports to consider. I'm talking about a positive view not a negative view.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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