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The Rib Story


After I got my rib cracked by a man happily wanting to be my friend to hang out with me I awakened to a cracked rib cage from a sexual assault during the night while I was sleeping.  It was in Colorado when I traveled there to see a person I believed was my boyfriend. Greg paid for my ticket to come to him. I really had stockholm syndrom was why I was attached to him ; as well as the insane warfare on my life happening had me seeking out his help because I had no one else to turn to unless it was family to safeguard me and my son in the beginning of the problems that surfaced. The man I believed was my Twin Flame in life. And I thought to go to him was the only way to mend our friendship and relationship. Afterall he referred to me as his wife.


When I arrived to his house he wasn't there for 10 days he was gone. I was stranded in another state embarrassed, humilated, disgraced, homeless after having tons of warfare crimes done to me for years from the legality system. Afterall, the harmful corrupt system with predator laws enforced me to be with Greg for my survival after they tossed me to the streets to survive with no vehicle. 


I said I was trying to flee a predator and the cop smiled in the car window at me and my son there sitting there and forced us to get out of the car when we were homeless. That same day nearby a woman was raped near the bridge where I originally was told to have my new home over warfare attacks from subsidized housing staff predators wanting to replace the residents that were in low income housing for too long. My neighbor was there the longest and he was found dead floating in the river. Many people were tossed out over this White People Privelege scheme to do warfare crimes on them through insane predators legality system enacted.


It was really targeting those in poverty more than anything else on the assaults against our lives to the homicide cases and those unexplained death tolls so readily occurring. I was so sad to have been setup and stranded. I felt hopeless and unattractive and at the worst demise over all the troubles when all I wanted to do was succeed at my spiritual quest teaching.


After many days went by and no Greg arrived. No Greg to answer the phone or to arrive to greet me I set out on a spiritual walk and found new friends that I soon strayed from over the cracked rib incident. Because I had my rib cracked and no Greg arriving I became angry and resentful through so much horrible terrible situations that really seemed to constantly prey on me wherever I went through a survellience system of hackers and snoops. I'd type in the browser insulting things so the people preying on me in the house I was forced to stay in could see how I felt about them snooping on everything I was doing online and all.


I was so resentful at times for the spying and hacking and stealing of my possessions but all I did was type something in the browser rudely to let them know I knew those I was forced to stay with to pay rent to was watching everything I was doing through direct hacking and spying and listening tactics. I felt invaded and harmed. My property was being stolen regularly and I needed to get out of there. So I set out for a spiritual walk and found an attractive male that wanted to hang out with me to be my friend to introduce me to his friends. I felt finally I might be able to be protected better and to move on to a better situation. Until I awakened to a cracked rib from a sexual assault while I was sleeping.


The pain from the cracked rib hurt alot for a few months time before it fully healed on its own.  During that time it reminded me of the Biblical story about that females are  only a portion of a fragmented  rib of a  man.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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