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The Shadow

I must confess that throughout my life since I was a young teenage girl I have seen at times a shadow form clairvoyantly mostly throughtout my lifetime that would either watch me at significant times in my life. I would see a shadow type person standing viewing me too. Not always. I have witnessed so many various forms and styles of species type of others in other dimensions operating with our dimension in time and space.


I had to reflect back throughout my life at times I could see with a sixth -sense AKA clairvoyance AKA visions AKA third -eye I would at times see a shadow person standing without any body substance form discription to see for discription. Just a person with features and an outline like a person without literally seeing to describe facial features, race color, and clothing type. Nothing like that could be seen. Just a shadow type image to view.


I was already very gifted with clairvoyance from earlier on experiences so by the time I was 13 -14  years old when I saw my first shadow person standing in a doorway viewing me -- I thought it was just a spirit taking that form to view me. I have seen spirits ; ghosts ; dead people spirits looking like they did before they died. So I am aware of the spiritual system visually. I just didn't understand it all. I even became confused about the  spiritual mediumship when I was a child after attending Bible Study class and speaking to the lady giving the spiritual lessons religiously. I asked her about what it meant if you see a ghost. She said, "That's the devil." She suggested I cast out that demons in negative statements to get rid of that devil. That just intensified my confusion fear that much more. In reality it was negative against negative to caste out the negative. No positive to learn from it to empower one self? Huh. I was confused and I sure didn't like more schooling bullshit studies that harmed me instead of helping me solve problems in a healthy positive successful way.


I had shadow people come speak to me before mind to mind. I decided it was bad spirits to visualize them going back in their graves. I got into so much trouble spiritually for that incorrect perception. Bad spirits came to teach me a mighty lesson about it too.  I have to work with intelligent haunting experiences regularly in all various different shapes and sizes and degrees and all. I can't be prejudice.


But out of confusion I didn't think clearly about the past and all the various shadow people and their messages to me. If I don't understand spiritual knowledgge properly I am going to go through the worst hellish nightmares by evil spirits to come teach me mighty lessons about what I can and shouldn't say by learning properly about supernatural information. I was not to tell people to invision sending the shadow people back to their graves. I got into spiritual trouble for it.


Spirit enforced me to go astrally into the graves to demand those spirits that are entering their bodies do not try to inhabit their corpses. It was horrible. I was forced homeless. So you see the spiritual harm and materialize physically. I found myself sleeping in a car and parking near the cemeteries to sleep. I found myself having to go to cemeteries while homeless to find a place to go over being in poverty kicked off the lands. All while going through spiritual supernatural training for the work I do.

 I already get into enough trouble. Physically the people wanted to teach me a lesson so they tried to recycle me into another person to control on the lands. All while I was combating supernatural forces unleashed on me that was the bad demons coming at me. I already have the good holy demons always being good to me. But then here came the evil physically in operations. And also I was enforced into upgrades with my spiritual mediumship intelligent haunting spirit guide type training.


Spirits, ghosts started working with me teaching me. And a Great Spirit wanted me to make sure spirits after they die know not to try to go back to their bodies that are deceased buried in the ground. I had to go through terrible training about what's underground. And that you do NOT send spirits to go back to their corpses in coffins. I had to learn that shadow people contain all the photon lights. And that was holy in spiritual form to consider.


I had to think back about the incredible vision I had about the shadow man in the sky flying with a want like stick in hand. He was showing me in a vision him as a shadow flying through the air as a physical form of a person in shadow form. He had a wand in hand and he cast it down at the earth at a roof top. It was a market business selling equipment goods. I saw many people crowded around wanting to get into that building for products to purchase. Spirit in shadow form with the wand like stick was showing me a future time where eveything would be shut down.


I believe that spirit was Prophet Muhammad. I believe Prophet Muhammad with angels and many others types of species of spirits came to me back in the late 90s. I went through incredible psychic surges. Supernatural type mind program training spiritually consciously and all. It was super difficult to navigate to try to do in mind what the cultural traditional expectations were of me to fulfill. My mind was already loaded down heavily with senses outside the norm consciously actively interfering with my regular normal senses. I have ten-senses connected to my psychic abilities spiritual mediumship psyche role.

 I have to work with the dead that riseup consciously as spirits. Also I have to work with spirit guides of all shapes forms and sizes and backgrounds and all. It's apart of my makeup. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes but I strive to be 100 percent accurate and honest. 


About the mistake about shadow people and me telling others to visualize sending them back to their graves was a form of spiritual attack to them. I was taught a serious lesson for it. I was astrally taken to do grave yard work spiritually as a medium. I was given the sight to see underground and to work with spirits that are going underground. It hasn't been easy.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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