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The Watch


I was able to tap into electromagnetic energies to tell a friend at the very moment that their wrist watch stopped working at the very minute it occurred. It just flew out my mouth to say it and then he looked at his watch and said "you are right." He was astonished. I said how do you know for certain it stopped when I said it. He said, "look at the sterio clock time. It's the same time you said said my watched stopped working, just now.


I had questioned myself over it when he then had looked at his watch and said "You are right.'' He had to speak to me about facts that spoke my truth. The watch didn't stop hours ago. It had stopped at the exact time I said his watch stopped working. I felt it. I felt that something on him had stopped mechanically working. It was his battery I was aware of somehow psychically down to the senses of registering it.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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