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The Witches Broom


The incredible situation that has me speaking on the subject matter about a Witches Broom has everything to do with something I saw with my third-eye. That's really about being able to have second sight ; the sixth -sense in ideas.


One day not to long ago I noticed atoms swirling around a broom that I had been using to sweep the floor. It's just like a flash of sight you see occurs. It's like double vision and that you have to recognize one from the other. Clairvoyance is a sixth -sense that is like technology to investigate scientifically rationally logically and intelligently of course.


I referenced it as the Witches Broom because when I saw those atoms swirling around the broom is about an object that contained energy accumulated from me having been using it to sweep. Usually people cannot see such invisible matter in space. Due to my enhanced and advanced clairvoyance it's like a scientist at work investigating always. That's been my whole life to see and to solve problems.


Not everyone wants problems solved. But I sure do enjoy being able to have the opportunity to use psychic abilities to report on the subject matter.


Now it's a little judgmental and steriotyping to call it the Witches Broom. I only referred to it as that over children's stories about a witch flying on a broom through the air. The atoms swirling around the broom I briefly was able to see is an investigation of the mind with psychic abilities development to view into our physical world to explain many things rationally and logically for consideration.


After seeing the atoms in a 's' type pattern around the broom in that swirl kind of motion movement is about trapped energies in time that we don't usually see. It reminded so much about a flying broom over seeing those atoms activity there.


I thought a bit more about that atoms around that broom and that to myself at the time and still in consideration that someone that could see with clairvoyance must have put the story together about a witch on a broom because looking at the broom with those swirling atoms really makes you think a bit more about life and others thoughts and intentions about situations like levitation.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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