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Time Warp


Life is a very interesting complication with the add-on of the Time Warp. To me there's various ways and theories to arrive at positive and negative to add on that x2 in review. It's important that we recognize truth facts logically realistically from fantasy. That means we recognize two forms of something foremost to consider to evaluate from and through. We are using define the word to recognize back to the roots in decipher lanuage, linguistics interpretation and so forth. We go the extra mile on the accuracy to report in details. We don't assume nor do we follow after others trails of stories without debate if questionable material is forefront.


I'm working with two forms here of perception. One in physical matter materialized and the other supernaturally constructed in material to review. We look at technology and the supernatural to consider a better understand of our world. We look at the natural forces in the world to investigate elemental forces in our solar system and our personal lives. We add on technology whether it is supernatural or natural to better understand.


We add on more twos for consideration of fantasy versus reality to explain to see clearly on through. We look at time and space differently to consider outside the laws of nature in our physical time in space ; era, history knowledge. We also review the prior stories told. If we want to understand fact from fiction we aren't looking at the fairtale world necessarily. Unless there's a trail to decide from on intentions about what was written in make believe and the time era.


We review the laws about such reporting and all throughout time on earth's recorded documented records kept by many over the whole wideworld to consider. I like to work with reality realism factually physically to report about from my own life experiences that may parallel to another report I read or hear about. However it relates to your real world or however you want to do your research to create a fantasy world ongoing is up to you. I must seek truth spiritually as I always have. I do that because of my own supernatural stories. And life experiences to better understand from the heavenly realm on down to a life to live with many trails to consider.


I have a story that is true experience fully to my recollection about everything that happened to me that day around age five-years-old as I played at a sentence from the ranch house in the horse pasture as I routinally did. I was coming back from the fenced off horse pasture area to cross the dirt road to head back down another dirt road to the ranch house. Heading my way from the righthand side of the road was a Giant Tortoise.


The land area was in the mountains where there is four seasions. Giant Tortoise come from tropic island locations which has narrowed down to tropical islands locations. They can fill up the whole back of your pickup truck or uhaul and they weigh up to 500 pounds. Well the one I saw as a child was one that would have been fully grown. And the giant tortoise that was halling butt down the road towards me at the time wasn't a slow moving turtle. It was headed somewhere. As I seemed to hit that time warp section at that very minute there was that tortoise running or headed fast away from something in my direction. It stopped and I walked around it observing it. I watched its behavior and thought of it like another horse to jump up on. And so I found a leg to climb up on and I sat on the giant tortoise in the mountains on that dirt road that day. 


I thought I could ride the creature like if it was a horse but it didn't move an inch for me as I sat up on the giant tortoise shell. I got bored and ventured on down the dirt road back to the ranch. I never forgot that time due to I never forgot the days I spent plaing on the fence of the horse pasture and all the fun I had rounding up the neighbors cattle for safekeeping when they got loose by knocking down a fence. I took it into my own hands to herd them in our horse pasture. Actually I thought they were free wild animals I was collecting to give to my parents as a present. To my surprise they were already sold raised cattle knocking down fences to escape. I had fun herding them. The neighbors were thankful that the little five-year-old girl herded their escaped cattle to safekeep behind the horse pasture gate in our wooden fenced in horse corral.


That's just the type of child I was to be out in nature playing and experiencing reality realism factually physically in memory recall. You recognize your own truth easy enough in solid matter from your own experiences. Make believe world is another type of created system. I am able to properly identify and distinguish the difference between a real solid world and a translucient one. Also I am aware of truth from fiction and the stories created from truth compared to fiction.


One day as I was spending the day visiting with my mother I spoke to her about that farmhouse land experience I had one day with a giant tortoise. After telling her the story that was true blue in heart as I am expression honesty in recollection. And she tells me about reality facts logically in our world that have a hold over reality with the supernatural and paranormal. She schools me on the physical laws of this world and time and place perceptions.


Thereby, she tells me that isn't possible. You couldn't have experienced that because of the land location is in the mountains, ranch land forest area off on a dirt road in the wilderness where there is four seasons and of course that added in harsh winter snowstorm weathers included on those annual news reports customs. As she logically explained to me how impossible that was for a giant tortoise to have appeared to me I wasn't surprised that much. Maybe a bit astonished but not persauded in that memory. I reflected back through that time and those years in some of my most cherished material experiences and that was off alone mostly with nature and living animals. Farm yard animals was something I was adapted too. Pets and all. 


I knew that it was a supernatural experience of some sort of time warp. My first thoughts were that it was a ghost of a giant tortoise that appeared to me. Due to it being at that land location at that time I knew that from my psychic abilities knowledge time warps is something I've gone through from incredible visions. But to have something literally appear that is ghostly was an interesting subject matter due to I literally physically climbed up on the leg of the tortoise to climb up on that big shell.


I believed in my psychic abilities and my smart mind that has been trained to recognize two varies to consider in all types of ways. Due to my own training logically factually in investigation work tied to my psychic abilities for how I have been able to tap into other timelines to report back from feeling like I'm literally there in solid form or as a ghost.


I did the online research about giant tortoise and found that in a prior time they dominated most of all the world lands. And yes they were at that location where I was in a prior lifetime. In a prior existence. I am tapping into other timelines to enter into, or to bring through somehow. I've seen solid form spirits ; ghosts appear too and so has others. That's reported documented facts.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer
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