Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes




Twin Flames Complications

The Union.


Twin Flames is a concept that dates back to Plato and concepts about mythology stories of splicing two in half from the original combination to make male and female separate form to find each other throughout time. It's ideas created about relationship unions between male and females orginally to explain the difference to stand apart as one flame to the other to view.


Psychologists got a hold of  the Twin Flame material to make something of it that I recognize dropped down many red flags on that golden grail idea of the Twin Flame union. I discourage a combo flame union over the destruction that materializes afterwards over both of their suffering puts them at greater odds mostly due to that trailblazer nature.


I recognize Twin Flames as two people coming together that have a lot in common at that time in their lives to help each other out with certain trailblazing moves mainly. And to heal that way their minds and bodies together while together through recognition of each other on that blazing trail.


Eventually those trailblazing flames manage to take their own personal sufferings elsewhere to blaze a trail to move on to another level  in their life.


It's like referring in symbolism about two people that are similar to two fire spirits combined in the trailblazing material. And for them to be as that fire flame individually symbolizes suffereing. Which adds to the explosion combustion material from the union that occurs. Which is  never a good thing in the aftermath to view.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserve, 2022