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Interesting light shows and various imagery with photography, Art Examples.




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Hi Everyone. Thank - you for checking in to see my collection of interesting photos through the years I have taken that I plan to attach to this particular page for public examination, interest. It's always about the Heavens with me and my life work to accomplish to instruct and teach about the supernatural mysteries attached to each living conscious life form.


The photography collections of photos were perplexing to me on viewing at times especially when I would connect the photo to an event that occurred with an intelligent haunting experience. I have a spirit horse that first walked between me and another on a trail before. I made sure I took photos. I am also always having an arch of rainbow type of light appearing in a lot of my pictures connected to my spiritual land explorations connections to spiritual mediumship investigation reports.


Ahead, I plan to post many photos here, soon to come. Thank - you for visiting.









2015 photos with a shadow mask appeared in some of my photos.

Plague Mask shadows., 2015.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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