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Vladimir Putin


Hello there. It's nice to be able to be here to speak to you this hour. My spiritual knowledge goes back to my soul and my astral travel links like a string theory to cross meridian lines to the fault lines across bodies of waters to other land locations.


For whatever reason why I must be trained astrally to travel in other ways supernaturally, spiritually to view and know many things is due to my prior lifetimes and my spiritual connections to those other lifetimes. As well as in this lifetime for the automatic connections at various times.


Vladimir Putin being at the Kremlin opened some doors to long ago spirits of two children playing hide and seek behind curtains and on stairs and so forth. And also an angel that flies above the Kremlin flipping people off has been some of my pull through to that location. And that the children spirits could make it more difficult for Vladimir Putin to sleep there over the disturbances or even about dreams about children that could turn into a nightmare. 


We are talking about a man of master disguises training. We are talking about a man that has power backing him of a kingdom for a reason. Just as anyone else in power there's others behind them funding and supporting and encouraging the way.


At somepoint in your life you get to the point where you want to rest and be left at peace. But if you have a drive to do something with a passion you continue. Or perhaps maybe you are physically forced to continue because there's no other choice in the matter.


If you are looking at the whole picture ; the broader view than you can see beforehand, present and future concept ideas to recognize what is occurring in our world to the whole world not just at one location but enchained together.


The power of kingdoms crowns and emperor and empresses rise to the light of a new tune with kings and queens and the whole shabang about royality steaming up to speak. And there you will find your faces and people like Vladimir Putin mingaling behind the scenes. Lecturing and debating in conflict schemes to arouse another system to unfold.


Many men join forces in unity to support a large country of land terrain like Russia to join forces with NATO and teams to conquer a world for a world. The thing is that it is out of my hands what has been set forth to occur in physical matter by others that dominate and control lands and laws and everything in it overhead.


From one country to the next is all about people living everywhere from everywhere. Alaska, USA is important to Vladimir Putin like a dream retirement location. Can he have it? Can we have always what we want in life? Even after hard work all through your life do you always receive the glory on your dreams when you want to rest with peace?


Whever you wish to rest at peace in a beautiful setting is up to you. All you can do is wish you can have what you truly desire to have in life physcially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You are in an environment and you want the best outcome for yourself and those around you. That's understandable.


How you go about gaining what you want might be long in the plotting planning process. Sometimes things just don't work out as we had planned them too. Sometimes we have wishful thinking that never bears fruit. That means cancellation of plans. Missed Opportunities, or even postponements.


Whatever your dream is in life to retire at a beautiful land location might be something you desire to have before you leave this world. Before you go on to heaven you might want a peaceful go of it. And that's about securing a future of happiness.


We all are in environments alive and we must think about the future at that location for what is to come. Movement is always flowing. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything is always changing whether you realize it or not. The world lands are going to get a lot smaller. More water than land is going to really create moving herds in migration movement.


Vladimir Putin is more likely to shew the servant away from his bed. He can see things through himself. That's about suffering and managing without being babied. When you know you want peace you desire it to seek it.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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