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Voting Sham


I've watched and witnessed in action throughout my 50 - years ; that being half a century I've been alive. I've witnessed a government country system at large to recognize tons of lies and deceit about your vote counts. No, not in my book nor mind nor life does your impoverished life in any voting system really benefit anyone other than those deceiving you with tons of money overhead to decide on what's what.


You are fooled into believing your vote counts.


That's my opinion 100 percent all the way back to the government voting booths and the votes that puts record company labels in top place, etc.. Your votes are worthless to a domineering in financial empires to rule over your minds and lives and bodies and spiritual thoughts even. The laws rule over you emotionally to cripple you down even for the arrest. I don't believe the system is an honest system not at all.


I believe the general public population has been deceived incredibly in order for another type of powerful people with all the financial power and laws in their power to manipulate to control everyone from the dominating religions and laws they set forth for you to obey and follow protocal.


 I believe in kingdoms and kings and queens overrunning everything from their royal positions of authority. Pretending you matter ; pretending your vote counts ; pretending you are respected in your birth country to be protected. On and on the lies and deceit that even enslaves and cripples minds, bodies and spiritual rights of others down to a demise emotionally for the ongoing harrassments through the laws to remove you from their system by caging you even.


They are overthrowing the country and using the laws and lies to the people to gain access over our heads to do incredible ongoing terrorism to our lives. They unslaved one race to prey on impoverished lives for gains and credits, you see. They took slavery away from a class of people to enslave another class of people, you see.


We live in a world of terror while living in Poverty. We become enslaved to a corrupt illogical and immoral system that dominates destructively through the  laws to produce that terrorism enslavement upon the lives and backs of their impoverished new slavery victims that use up through the laws to gain accesses to another system of credits for themselves.


I have lived through the worst types of tortures since childhood ongoing by a system of predators dominating everything under the sun to recreate their new poor ass slaves into position. They have someone to beatdown on in life now huh? And to gain tons while enslaving and abusing minds,  bodies, emotions and spiritual freedom rights through corruption of lies as votes. I'm sure you people aren't wanting to vote for your own terrorism upon you. So no you didn't vote for that. No way would the people vote for so many insanities we are forced to survive through. Voting is a sham and so is the fact there's freedom with no enslavements through the laws for people. Right?


I'm sure you want to believe you all are protected and equal in gains and life statuses while trying so hard to acheive to succeed to gain something in life, right? Enslaved Slavery lives on . . .  They just cut our lives off from gains is all, right? They make sure we can't read, or write, or speak properly too for the slavery role to be had for poverty, right?


You want dumb slaves to abuse through  the laws ongoing for your financial gains, Right? The new dumb slaves are your dumb criminals you treat as that you created from doing incredible land abuses to every type of system for our people that have been born and raised on the land with their ancestors dating back to the grandparents. And those are the people being preyed upon that live in poverty. Indigenous people and Natives.


They setup a system to remove us from all propercare and protection as early on as they can so they can use the laws to prey on us for their financial gains. All while not comprehending the damnation they are doing in the process. They don't want us to have our own lives either I notice. They don't want us to function to be alive I notice.


If they can't use us for their gains they want to abuse us to death. And then they use the laws they claim you all voted for in legal actions that eventually will harm everyone under the sun in their insanity of a system at large. Once we start to figure it all out they start replacing us on the lands, you see? Thereby removing our livlihoods to give to another incoming people that they can abuse down in layers upon layers of a system of warfare enactments concealed.


There's no way the wealthiest people want to share and be equal in ideas with poverty. No they love slavery too much and that's why they enforced everyone to work through the laws. And you are suppose to have voted for that too. You were suppose to have voted for workforce labor roles and all children in daycare with no one at home but the dog during the day. Nowadays they have daycare centers for dogs they treat like children. A system of insanity has been created as the norm. And you were suppose to have voted for it?

I suppose they'll say you voted to gender swaping too of the sexes legally in act set forth to cut off penises of little boys to reassign as female. You voted for that too, huh? Are you voting for males to be females and females to be the new males for labor force roles?


Did you vote to have children wearing sexy adult type clothing swinging on stripper poles with a full set of makeup and hair all done up to look like an adult when they are only small children... while also dancing provactive for your great audiences of viewers. Did you vote for that too, huh?


Did you vote for all the pornagraphy and sex shops too on the lands to overflow your lives with a dozen dildos for each living person. Did you vote for all that perversion? Did you vote to have tons of people living on the streets that are really civilians being replaced by invading armies of people. Did you vote for that also?

Did you vote to be replaced as civilians in your birthland country? Really, did you vote to be forced on the streets to live? Did you vote to have your jobs removed from you for others coming into the country to have those jobs and new lifestyles that were removed from you. Did you vote for that too?


Did you vote to see everyone naked as the norm in your country? Did you vote for all the spy cams to be in your lives and eavesdropping equiptment to overrun your lives to disasterous affairs. Did you vote for it? Did you vote for warfare with weapons to overflow on the land? Did you vote for all the murder sprees to occur?


Did you vote for all the illnesses and distress to occur in your homeland country? Did you vote to be chopped up afterdeath at the funeral home morgue room? We have people stating they were either molesting corspes or even cutting them up at funeral home morgue rooms. Now did you vote for that too? Did you vote for freedom or no freedom? Did you vote for us all to be imprisoned on the lands as the norm?


Did you vote to have people like me forced to the streets to freeze to death?  That's what almost happened to me. They literally tried to freeze me to death by removing everything from me through corrupt laws and corrupt people operating those laws. Did you vote for all the terrorism? Really, think about it.


Next thing you know they'll say you voted to make the Taliban your new USA president of the country in a system. Go figure. Did you vote to have China overthrow the USA? Did you vote for it? Did you vote for Africa's citizens to be the New and improved USA citizens? All while replacing your own citizens to the streets to reside easily enough if they couldn't measure up. Are you voting for your demise in your birthland country, huh? Did you vote to be replaced? Think about it.


Are you going to say you voted for other countries that train their children through military methods for their schooling to enter our country to take over the schooling systems that way? Did you vote for it?

Did you vote to have the school systems in our country overthrow by military trained up type of new people on the land to school up to give all resources and opporunties too above and beyond our own Natives and Indigenous people. Are you saying you voted for it?


Did you vote to have our country torn apart? Did you vote to have horrific abuses ongoing released on Natives and Indigenous people? Did you vote to have Mexico overthrow USA country with the help of congress? The voting sham is revealed.


 Now, tell me what you voted for?...


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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