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War Torture


The USA concealing a war transpiring harming their own impoverished citizens while playing gods at other land locations around the world giving them our own resources to another country is not going to be a happy affair back home in the USA.


They are so corrupt at hiding their crimes to play gods to be able to have more for the wealthiest families they setout to pretend they are gods at work for material gains to continue for themselves moreso while ignoring the damage they are doing to us in the country.


The media coverage in USA is a mockery of reality. They chose to honor and show another country and other countries as  more important  through even trickery of photography and video recordings.


The terror war issues happening in our own country are being ignored while they toss us all outside to live to rise prices so high so others around the world can have an easier time coming in and taking over. That's a grave crime you polititions and others funding war crimes on us in the USA against even your own citizens. And then you want to conceal our own country demise from inside out.


Fake news reports goes back to mind control mind manipulation tactics to overrun a system for funding for a wealthy family or two in greater aims at their tactics. We can go back to NASA and the Moon Landing media coverage and gains they got from lying and deceiving and trickery people as stupid cattle to control. This continues on in operation from the government.


I was targeted all my life and put in shackles since childhood over trying to find 'me'. My vision quest after warfare on my mind occurred from a government sponored education system and their overrunning of our minds and lives to even ruin if we don't fit into a nice little opportunity for them through the grading processes. 


Terrorizing and harming other peoples religious beliefs is something I have had to survive through in my lifetime all along. I've been harmed so severe in the USA all my life at a level that is very concerning. Covering up the crimes you do to your own citizens is a mockery of reality. Destroying people over their differences is racism and prejudice behaviors.


Trying to overrun everyone's minds to control them all or make them into your criminals is noted by me since I was a young child. Torturing the minds and bodies to get to the emotions is also noted by me. Destroying our lives and our rights spiritually to be free and to express ourselves that way is also noted by me in the concealed overhead media and government connnections for what they choose to instruct the commoners about mainstream. Mind control is a major issue about you people using the media to false reports about people's religions and way of life is a mockery of independence.


I notice a ton of warfare on others that have their own spiritual rights and rites that are in competition with the Christian viewpoint. Bigots and predators greedily as misers overrun the system lying and cheating and stealing from us all to doom our future children's lives on earth.


I notice a lot of predators going after good people to harm them and using the media to cover-up their crimes even. As well as using tons of media report distractions to confuse the minds. Liars and cheaters seem to be the wealthiest in the spotlight overrunning everything with all their might fortunes on gains.


The worst unimaginable harm in warfare attacks happened to me in the USA all my life. And then the good guys  and gals as they wish to be called continued to operate in a warfare attack assault mode against me as soon and as easily as they could to try to ruin me off to die over and over they have put my life at risk almost murdering me off in the country. Not protecting me properly. Setting me up to be harmed through the laws.


Speaking about the life of living through torture is a big secret I keep about my personal life that was happening to me since childhood over I couldn't mentally add up to something others felt they should respect. If you can't pass the grade bash their brains in? Was something of emotional harm psychologically I went through.


I have been tortured in mind, body, spiritually and emotionally for the arrests even to betray me far removed from the real person I am.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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