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Your Criminals !!!


Governments you are so corrupt worldwide the Heaven's are addressing the situation entirally. Afterall this is about your current era created insanities of your systems created for your  civilizations. Continuing on enslaving and abusing are best stalk is going to work against your phyiscal manifesting gains over the incredible insane abuses from our best stalk at prophesy and saints and mystics and spiritually superanturally gifted personnel you abused and mocked as stupid no good what? Druggies? You people are so corrupt for your insanities at controlling physical matter down to a plants and species for consideration about your own world and timeline.


You worship wealth, greed and insanities while you keep caging us to replace us. You predators. You have Baby -Raping laws enacted to steal children for freaks that are nothing but sexual beasts ugly as hell recreated to excite sexual glands of their own genders as the norm. You stupid anus holes are alive and will die someday and then you will be lost and forces into the pits of Hell for eternity. 


What you shallow minds have created through laws to rip apart babies is part of your demise created through the laws. You sick freaks running the goernments lying and manipulating your time is numbered. You have been stealing children and corrupting them and selling them off and murdering them off and caging them.


Every saintly spiritual person born you are destroying to replace for a mockery of what is correct. Due to your crimes governments you wont be allowed to continue to bank off your slaves you created. You predators governing over us will be clearly found out how you operate stealing and replacing our citizens worldwide so you can continue on your hate crimes to steal and rob us of everything.


Your media covers is like dogshit smelling to high heaven in the lies and deciet and mind controls over your rotten no good whores willing to sell their own children off for the manufacturing labor jobs roles for you even. You wanna play games with the Great Spirit huh? Caging and criminalizing our best spiritual powers we allowed to be born you cage and destroy their families to prey on them and steal everything from them even their own lives and children to disgrace arrograntly under your systems created of mockery of reality. You acting out roles for us is going to work against you all for it legally ahead.


You created a stupid people world and you will suffer for harming spiritually gifted people to whore out to condemn as your druggies and so forth when you created it entirally as animals preying on us all for your mighty powers of stupidity in wealth and legal gains I recognize.


You created a baby -raping system governments. Cocks in buttholes with ugly men wearing tons of makeup around to gain buttfucking buddies is going to work against your freaky circus freakshows you created physically in living matter. It stinks like the sewage over you people raping babies that grow up to believe they are gay over it even. You fucken rotten governments stealing and corrupting everyone to reap your might goals on material gains and power for honor. Your time is numbered.


You steal our lives so you can prey on us and our families even. You sick fuckers only care about money and power as you destroy our lives for show. That time is numbered. If you continue on harming me and others like me showers of fire will fall upon your earth and earthquakes will teach you your palaces don't mean a thing to the Great Spirit when that Hole is Opened to drop your castles and palaces on through to rot in hell as you should also for harming us all for your stupid greedy no good hearts and lies and deceit you overrun the world with. Your time is numbered.


Playing gods over us to enslave us through trickery is going to work against your whole systems created worldwide. I'm not your whore to sell off government. I'm not your druggy to put through the system to help support a corrupt system of demise. You have been doing crimes to us governments worldwide. Your time is number. Spirit will open up a whole to drop your great building on through for harm done.


Government your laws stink like a bunch of buttfucking orgy parties aftersmell. The sewage will rise up very high over it all due to your insanities governments for corrupting the people and encouraging baby raping while harming women away from children. Your time is numbered.


Your government(s) system created smells like fecal matter. Supernaturally you are in so much trouble. You abuse us when we were in poverty way too much to the point where your world is in tons of trouble over the leaders lying and deceiving, stealing and corrupting while enslaving families and people to prey on for your fucken own gains.


The Great Spirit will drop your homes and automobiles right through the ground over your crimes against our lives at a high level. The Great Spirit isn't playin' around with slaveholders. You sick baby-rapers.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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