Psychic Smell; Clairalience, Clairolfactance, Clarescence

02/02/2014 18:24

Psychic Smell; Clairalience, Clairolfactance, Clarescence


Clairolfactance is a Psychic Ability related to one of the ten primary senses (5 primary physical senses with their 5 psychic counterparts). We have the first five external senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. In addition to that we have five internal senses, which are like an augmented, heightened version of the physical senses. Psychic senses, including smell, can likewise extend and augment the practical function of the respective physical sense, matching that of animals. Therapy Animals trained for seizure patients detect life threatening odors that others cannot smell. The animal will smell the scent that warns of an immediate health emergency. The animal trained proceeds to do what is instructed to save the person’s life.


There are documented cases where pets have saved lives by smelling for instance a broken gas line, or other types of unhealthy odor that emanates from the body. The animal/pet can detect and warn a person in order to save their life.


We can go beyond that to an innate sense of smell with people that relates to the internal factor of psychic smelling. Some people can smell death before someone dies, or they smell spirits that give them messages by the type of odor. The scent could be a fresh scent or a horrible stench. Either way it can indicate if a spirit is malevolent or benevolent in the message the spirit has for you which is indicated by the odor.


There are even people that can smell things psychically to assist in helping others with psychic knowledge through interpreting smell. If someone smells a particular odor in someone's energy field/aura than that can mean that the person needs to cut back on that particular food or item that was detected in the energy field. Psychic smelling is considered a psychic ability and would be considered a psychic strong point. Everyone has at least two to three psychic strong points.


If you have had an experience with Clairolfactance, then perhaps it is one of your psychic strong points.


Other words used to describe Psychic Smelling.

• Clairalience

• Clairolfactance

• Clairescence

• Clair-smelling

• Clairolfactory

Personal Experiences with Clairolfactance


I have had a couple of personal experiences with psychic smelling. The first one was in 1999 when I experienced psychic smelling. I was exploring a Pioneer Cemetery. Some of the memorial markers dated back to the 1700s. I was viewing a lady’s headstone when suddenly I smelled a fire. It smelled like a house was on fire. I looked up expecting to see black smoke rising off a nearby shed or rooftop. Instead there was no smoke to be seen. I could smell burnt wood down to charred ashes. It was that sort of smell.


When I got home I told my mom what happened and she said that a spirit was trying to give me the message of how someone died. At the time it happened I was reading a lady’s headstone. That’s when I had the experience with psychic smell. Mom believed it was from particular ghosts that wanted me to know the cause of her death. My research didn't get me anywhere. I couldn't find proof one way or the other.


Then in 2001 I went to an Ethiopian church with my friend Mahomet. She didn’t tell me her church services were spoken in the Ethiopian language. I went there and enjoyed the energies present for the church services. The highlight of the service was two Native African females sitting directly in front of me. Unexpectedly they started jumping up and down as though they were going into a trance... as their bodies limbered up as though they would start to do a trance state dance. Nobody else jumped up mumbling chants in a delirium. It reminded me of a voodoo dance. It's no wonder I smelled sulfur. There's no question that something possessed their spirits for a brief moment in wild elation. And the smell of sulfur indicated the presence of spirits. After a few minutes they got control of themselves and sat back down and remained quiet for the rest of the church services. Although, I can imagine that within them was a mighty dance that wanted out as a connection to Source and godlike revelation.


Clairolfactance is one psychic ability on the list of psychic abilities that are counterparts to physical senses. Open your mind to your connection to your internal psychic senses in order to develop these psychic abilities, in being able to perceive and learn from the subtler forms of energy.


By Kimberly and Greg Bunch