Psychic Strong Points

02/02/2014 18:18

Psychic Strong Points


Psychic Strong Points are psychic abilities the individual has a natural affinity with, essentially a psychic talent. Psychic abilities are internal sense faculties within us, as a result of our nonphysical bodies, that are registered in our outer physical world as psychic abilities. All things are of energy and if you do not have the internal five psychic senses developed than you cannot psychically see what the insects can perceive, for example. Furthermore, people can't  feel and sense electromagnetic energy unless they are using a sixth sense/extra-sensory perception (ESP), and understanding that adds the union of senses as explained below.


Psychic abilities are accessed from your internal, nonphysical senses that relate to your primary external, physical senses that are: hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch.  A person's development of their inner, psychic senses, starting with the psychic strong points, develops the psychic potential and allows you to reach your psychic potential. Therefore, it's important to consciously recognize that you have not just the five primary physical senses, but ten with their nonphysical counterparts. There is always a counterpart to form.


Psychic strong points are a spring to greater psychic development, a diving board to develop other abilities. By recognizing where you are inclined psychically, and by acknowledging and developing these psychic strong points you have as I will show you in this article, you will be able to advance to the other abilities much more easily, growing in psychic awareness, perceiving the true nature of things.


The External and Internal Ten Senses

Hear = Clairaudience

See = Clairvoyance

Smell = Clairolfactance, or known as Clairalience, Clairescence.

Touch = Psychometry

Taste = Clairgustance


Clairsentience is more broad, as it relates to knowing by feeling the energies similar to Psychometry, but physical touch isn't needed, and many things can be taken together at once to receive the information. Clairsentience also relates to psychic Empathy, though psychometry can as well.


How do you know what your psychic strengths are?

Everyone has at least two or three psychic strong points that they would be good at using natively, without much practice necessary.  Let's say for instance someone has the gift to see with their third eye clairvoyantly with visions, but that same person is currently weaker in another psychic area.  Therefore the greatest psychic potential was through the internal sense called clairvoyance. The outer sense is sight of our biological eyes, to see physically and the internal sense is to see psychically with the third eye, the chakra of our energy body located around the base of the nerves to our biological eyes. A person could have visions that relate to their life path mission maybe as a futurist or the psychic sense could relate to a need to see in other paranormal ways.  If a medical doctor could see the energy field of the body and read it clairvoyantly and/or clairsentiently, then the doctor could recognize automatically areas of concern with the physical symptoms and their root cause, the ailments of the body that are in need of treatment.


To know what your psychic strong points are would be for you to understand your own feelings about things on a deeper level and have confidence in what you perceive. Essentially, pay attention to how you perceive your environment and how you think about such things in reaction. Perhaps you may find that you try to hear "between the lines" when people talk, or instead you look at them trying to see underneath layers of their being to understand them better, or perhaps you just pay attention to how you feel the energies of the environment are, as well as the people around you or in the environment, through how you feel within naturally, regardless of sight or hearing. Each of these habits reflect a respective psychic strong point, similar to how people are often inclined to learn physical matters a certain way, how their brain is more inclined to pay attention to a certain physical sense when learning and perceiving, you do the same process automatically with your psychic senses, you just need to consciously realize it.  Your intuition is built by your psychic abilities, typically in great proportion by your psychic strong points, and by listening to your intuition, your natural feeling about things that is, that will develop your ability to consistently use intuition to know truth as well, but don't forget to focus selectively on the psychic strong points as well as the unified whole, so remember to do both.


If you have had a supernatural/paranormal experience it will relate to any of the psychic senses. Which can be understood as energy light particles of data for reading energy fields and codes that surround a living particle. Basically, you're recognizing the energies encoded within things, places and people.


The Higher Self/ Soul Self of each living being experiences life to increase the potential and accessibility through the dimensions by internal means within for the higher planes/dimensions/heaven.


Therefore, we enter the fields of advancement of life on earth in higher consciousness that connect us to both hemispheres of our brain for advancement to the point where we can perceive in understanding  empiricism and naturalism combined with quantum mechanics to transcend to trans-humanism and what is viewed right now as superhuman powers.  We will evolve through human evolution. To begin doing so would be to recognize where your greatest strengths and weaknesses are at for human transformation through higher consciousness.


By Kimberly and Greg Bunch