02/22/2014 13:18

Psychokinesis refers to several psychic abilities that have a psychic "kinetic" effect, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, geokinesis, aerokinesis, electrokinesis, etc. These abilities are found predominantly today in a select few Crystal children, sometimes by people training themselves to possess these abilities, and sometimes through spontaneous events by random people. These abilities are the other side of psychic development, but overall are not as essential or easy to develop as psychic perception. You may have some psychokinesis abilities as psychic strong points, however. It is not as common to develop as psychic perception or communication amongst all beings, even ET beings, but still the potential is there. It is a great achievement if you can develop these abilities. They are very real psychic abilities, just as psychic perception is. Proper focus is required for development, but psychic perception should probably be the priority for most of us.


Psychokinesis can be most easily observed in testimonial and documented cases of some very young Crystal children performing a type of psychokinesis, usually several times at least. This can be anything from levitation and telekinesis of objects, affecting the elements, or precisely affecting electronics, such as turning off the TV at will. Sometimes, people train themselves, either mentally or by channeling their chi through the chakras to develop these abilities, but rarely to the degree as exhibited by various few Crystal children. I do believe the development of control of the inner chi of our bodies is an important step in developing these gifts. So, while it may take time before people develop these gifts, it is very much advantageous if such control and attunement to our bodies, energy and the environment around us is developed.


Below are the definitions of the types of Psychokinesis:

Psychokinesis; the broad term of Psychic (Control) of Movement. Kinetic energy is the term in physics of the energy of movement, and such force.

Telekinesis; the word used to refer to controlling objects at a distance, with no physical contact, therefore "distant movement", as tele- means distant.

Pyrokinesis; the word for psychokinetic control of fire, as fire is pyro.

Hydrokinesis; the word for psychokinesis of water, hydro.

Geokinesis; the word for psychokinesis of the earth, geo.

Aerokinesis; the word for psychokinesis of the air and atmosphere, aero.

Electrokinesis; the word for psychokinesis of electricity, electro.

There are more types and variations of psychokinesis, they may be written here soon.


While neither of us has yet achieved, nor practice, telekinesis or psychokinesis, Kimberly has had a vision of herself perform telekinesis before, several times, in the future. The gift and potential is there, and everyone should have the potential within them. There really should be priority on developing the psychic senses first, unless you are gifted with the intuitive use of telekinesis or similar as a strong point. Psychokinesis is a real gift nonetheless.


Something else is the matter of spirits, demons and flying objects. While spirits can learn to physically affect objects, especially elemental psychokinesis and electricity, by that time they typically would cross over, if they are even able to learn it so fast. Second, most spirits are not motivated to do such things unless they are haunting a place and are trying to get some people out, or just to pay attention. This is rare enough. I believe it is more common for psychokinesis and telekinesis to be from the person themselves. Sometimes it can follow them, happening more than once. Electronics and light bulbs going out many times around them in a short period of time is one example, or sometimes even just flying objects. I believe there is really nothing to worry about, unless you are really spooked, then you can ask Kimberly Bunch for a reading!


Whether or not you experience any of the above, it is real. The idea of "scientific proof" approved by "credible institutions" is really not of any use, for these institutions are indeed quite limited, not only with psychic abilities and related matters, but on nearly all other topics as well! They are in business and hyped up due to the government controlled culture, media and similar institutions that teach just one way of existence: slavery, essentially. The way of sheep with no knowledge. It is bettter you realize you should be a free thinker, than base your reasoning off what an institution says, regardless of what you believe about psychokinesis.


By Greg and Kimberly Bunch