02/22/2014 12:22



Psychometry is a psychic ability related to the sense of touch. There are several psychic abilities where sensing the environment through perception of the psychic feeling of frequencies exist, such as Clairsentience, Empathy, and Psychometry, but each vary accordingly. The subject of this article, Psychometry, is unique in that information is received through actual physical touch, and can be seen as a specific variant of Clairsentience.


Psychometry is very much related to Clairsentience, but results from tactile focus, that is, from physical touch, as opposed to awareness of the frequencies regardless of distance or touch, such as Clairsentience. The information gleaned from psychometry can include any information imprinted in some manner through the object, such as emotions of previous owners and users, along with their imprints and energies, as well as frequencies the object has connected to in previous habitats, environments, or sometimes inherent in the object as it was created. Psychometry is not necessary to learn any of these things, it is only a means availabe to perceive the frequencies with the object.


My own experiences with Psychometry are several, but though I do not actively practice it, I recognize the ability is with me. One such place I have experienced Psychometry, an excellent place for anyone to practice, is at a library, where many people have read the books on the shelves. By picking up various books, you are able to read the emotional state of the readers, whether they cling to the book with emotional stress, or whether it was a light read, or whether it was an exhausting read, or even inspirational. Remember, this is regardless of the title.


Clairsentience will fulfull most of the practice and work of Psychometry, but the means of focus is different. Whereas Clairsentience is perceives frequencies more akin to radios within the psychic awareness, Psychometry will feel the energies from almost a tactile sensation of energy, that can subsequently be read similarly to Clairsentience. The close proximity of the object, especially holding it, can be a focal point for the reading of frequencies.


Psychometry is performed with focus of reading the energies and frequencies felt through the hands. It is a psychic sense, and therefore, will have similarities in how the psychic frequencies are received and work, but is unique with the required use of focusing on the tactile sensation of the energies. The first thing to remember is not to think hard on feeling the frequencies. Rather, the object will appear to flow the energies to you, therefore granting you psychic truth.


Psychometry can be a psychic strong point, but either way, developing the sense with any level of focus will be a means to developing your psychic potential. Remember, however, psychic strong points are intertwined with how your brain processes information on some level. Therefore, whether you really want to develop psychometry or not, the important thing is to start attuning yourself to a psychic ability that works for you first, a psychic strong point. Realize that, when fulfulled, such development of any other psychic ability is much easier, because you have trained your mind to perceive psychic abilities.


By Greg and Kimberly Bunch