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Relationship Reading ; Version l, Basic

This particular reading explains prospects about a potential relationship, or an already existing relationship. You will receive insight into the person's character traits, compatibility and predicted outcomes. -$25 For Relationship Reading Version I : Basic


Relationship Reading Verion ll : Extended
You will receive insight into personal matters on a deeper level of understanding. Those things that are hidden will be revealed. Ask and you shall receive knowledge about the future outcome. You will better understand  any of your questions regarding the relationship. You may receive past life knowledge involving you two. You may find out other Soul awareness connections, soul mates, twin flames, karmic tiebacks and so forth.

All aspects of the relationship are examined and personal traits are looked at, even the subconscious. All the questions you ask are answered, with advice given when requested or as needed. We may discuss options with the relationship, including how to repair an already existing relationship or we can find out the overall prospects with the person or as a couple.

You may ask all possible questions about a potential relationship or someone that you want to pursue. You may ask for tips and advice as well as find out about character traits of the person, what they think of you, and how to best resolve issues or/ and save, or depart from a relationship. You can ask unlimited questions about you/them in order to assist you with past, present and future knowledge of the journey together, or  separate lives. -$50 For Relationship Reading Version II Extended


Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing is a three session email series. Two photos are needed: one full body photo head to feet, and a closer photo waist up. Please do not wear sunglasses in the photos. The iris of your eyes must be visible for the reading. Thank you.

First E-mail is a report of Distant Energy Scans performed by reading your energy grid, including aura colors and patterns, chakra points and misalignment, grid patterns, etheric energy bodies, vibrations and other information about the overall energy field, and disturbances are noted.

Clairvoyance and clairsentience is used to perceive concerns of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, emotions, physical body, ailments, illnesses, and other concerns, which are all linked totally to your symbiotic energy body and can be read and healed in this manner. Natural remedies are suggested for physical aliments, unless related to serious medical concerns.

Second E-mail is the healing scan preformed to re-align your chakra points, smooth out your energy field, ground you and flow cosmic energy through you for renewal of spirit.

Third E-mail is the follow-up to review how you are doing and a tailor made meditation may be given for you as a means to cleanse, re-align and balance your own chakra points and energy field in the future. -$50 For One Psychic Healing



Past Life Readings
The Past Lives accessed will often relate to what you are meant to receive at this time in your development. Your Past Lives often relate to your personality, likes, dislikes, strengths, potential and life lessons with soul growth. Often a person will feel a knowing from with self that they had a particular past life, and this can be confirmed and elaborated on during this reading.

There is no limit to the past life information that may come through. Kimberly is an open channel and accesses whatever pours through that you are meant to have right now. Information about your soul print is revealed. Advancement is gained in mind, body and spirit wholeness on some level of understanding.

Kimberly uses clairvoyance to access visual knowledge about your past lives. She uses clairsentience to read energy vibrations, and other spiritual gifts to access your past lives that relate to this lifetime and what it is that you need to know to better understand your life and perhaps situations that relate to your partner(s), family, friends, etc. Also insight may be revealed about Names, Dates, Gender, Race and Background of a particular lifetime that you were in and how it relates to this lifetime.
- $ 50 for Past Life (Reincarnation) Reading.



 Pet Psychic Reading ; Aura Scan Observation on Pet(s) 
I am able to scan the energy field with my Clairvoyance for a Pet Psychic Reading with details of information about that particular animal. This reading consists of a scan done on the aura energy bodies. I am able to tell you what your pet(s) is thinking, with insight into the pets' consciousness, thoughts, astral connections, feelings and physical aliments that the pet would be experiencing or related to with no set time; either past, present or future insight would be received with this particular reading.

You can ask questions about a pet and all the information about a particular animal will come through with what is meant to be given and received at that time. This reading assists in better understanding what ails your pet(s), their thought patterns, etc.
  - $25 Pet Psychic Reading



Spirit Contact Psychic Reading
Contact Loved Ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Interdimensional Beings, etc.
Receive a heartfelt reunion with your loved one and heal from unresolved issues. You can also discover extra information about when they were alive, and what they are doing now, perhaps what's happening with them in the spirit world. You can tell the spirits things, and ask questions of them. You may also learn about any spiritual connections and past lives you have with someone.

Do you want to know what message your spirit guides have for you? Ask up to three questions to anyone you think wants to tell you something.
-$50 For Spirit Contact Reading


Career Reading
I am able to see into the past, present and future to find out what career path is best for you, and the changes that may be needed in order for your ultimate success. While so doing I can read land information ahead for the future at that land location for your own protection on extra reports released for where you want to be located for that career move.

You can ask questions from a multible list of best career move at a specific location and placement. I can even tell you how others will treat you there due to your own protection to make sure it is a good fit ; job placement with indepth knowledge about why or why not that is.  - $50 Career Psychic Reading


Dream Interpretation Psychic Readings
I work with dream symbolic messages using my psychic abilities in order to decipher dream Interpretation. I don't use dream dictionaries for it due to my own advanced system. I have testimonies from others during a Psychic Session at time where I can read their psyche with clairvoyance to discuss a troubling dream they have had to explain why they are dreaming like that. They don't even have to tell me about the dream. I can dive right into the psyche to read spikes-up on significant information for theraputic readings.

 Your dreams may relate to your subconscious ; future predictions ; emotions ; past lives ; astral travel AKA Out - of - body experiences ; and / or contact from another Spirit, or Person, etc.. All significant information in details is given to you in the reading. Dream Interpretation Readings - $25


Life Theme Psychic Readings
Have you ever wondered about why you were born?What purpose you were meant to Serve? Or what your Life Theme significance is? I can thoroughly explain in great detail all about you even about you before you were born physically in living matter.


I am able to read Heavenly etheric prints about your 'soul' that will reveal to you what your life theme is about how you are in Spirit Body before you chose to be born on earth. You will have a main drive of expertise potential to recognize that can explain to you more about your own incredible potential and best focus point to succeed. The information in details could even explain why you chose to be incarnated on earth to explain your life path mission ; and the best course of action for your overall success.

- $50 For Life Theme Reading



Psychic Strong Points Readings
Everyone has at least two or three psychic strong points. Know what yours are so you can go on to strengthening your psychic abilities by learning more about those gifts. By strengthening your psychic strong points, you open the door to develop other psychic abilities. -$25 For Psychic Strong Points Reading



Random Personal Life Questions
You may ask Random Life Questions that aren't related to $50 readings already offered above. I'm able to do an Energy Field scan to see into your Past, Present, and Future to instruct you in great details in regards to your specific questions.  -$25 For 1 Question ; or $50 For 3 Questions.




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Financial Options : If you are in Poverty I have a Sliding Fee Scale for your Psychic, Spiritual Mediumship, Readings that I offer for those that qualify for low income Psychic reading. You may contact me if you want a reduced price reading if you are new to my system. 


Note : For those that already are paying reduced price readings -- you may continue on using the Reduce Fee Readings for as long as you need too.




P.S. I want you to know that I am always looking forward to assisting you as promptly and thoroughly on the reports -- no matter your income level. You are valued. That means I will still give the very Best Prophetic Psychic, Spiritual Mediumship, Readings for you, from me.



Take care and be safe out there.




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