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LIVE SESSIONS & E-mail Readings


Live Session Prices

Live Readings by Phone, Video Call, or Instant Messenger
Live Readings = Phone or Skype
$100 = One Hour Reading
$60 = 30 Minutes Reading

If you go over your allotted phone time during the reading you are expected to cover the extra expenses on the clock time.  Thank you for your consideration.

 Email Readings = $50

Options for Low Income Readings are available for  half price E-mail Readings. –

Visit The Psychic Services Page to Purchase a Reading through PayPal.
After purchase Contact Me and state the Psychic Reading you purchased. Thanks for your business.



In addition, Your Donations to Ten – Senses’ Foundation helps me to continue doing the work I do. Your donations  really are appreciated.

Thank You ahead of time for contributing to the cause.


For legality purposes I am not licensed by the state or country. By means of being individually documented with government legal award certificates for my vacation. My psychic abilities is hereditary, as well as from direct life experiences complications that have increased my ESP and mediumship talents. 

Furthermore, I have trained myself to develop farther reaching psychic abilities skills with the help of all my spirit guides and personal field work for 40+ years experience working with the supernatural operations for my title as  a  Prophet-ess.

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