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Psychic Assistance

For readings by Kimberly You may ask on any matter of interest to you. I do specialize in various types of readings. Although, if there’s something in particular you need guidance on I, or Greg can assist you.   I’m always open-minded to assisting in psychic detective areas which comes natural to me.  I can psychically assist you according to the spiritual gifts I have;  which are many and are listed in the ‘about me’ page.  I am a psychic medium and a spiritual guide that is often referred to as an oracle or prophetess due to my prophecies. It’s supernatural phenomena I have experienced related to my psychic abilities and I enjoy working with ten senses regularly and extensions of that through claircognizance and higher self connections related to precognition for prophecies. The psychic abilities are limitless for retrieving data.

For more insight into my readings go to the Psychic Readings page.


 Readings by Greg

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Greg, my twin flame specializes in aura readings as an extension of his psychic abilities related to healing methods with the body.  What he retrieves is always pretty astonishing and his advice for remedies is superb.
Background: Greg Pearce ll has four years of experience volunteering his time in the past working as a Master Teacher for me (because of his esoteric skills). I was impressed with his gift for psychic healing and his mediumship channeling skills and the wonderful advice for alternative medicine procedures that he naturally uses to assist with remedies etc.. Greg also has potential channeling through information from spirits. Something he does automatically at times. He’s skilled enough to professionally do readings and I have verified his potential as well as many others have too. You can purchase a reading from him whenever you like or from me. It’s up to you.
Greg has a superb and unique understanding of matters of ancient theology and occult/Neoplatonic philosophy, which perfectly compliments understanding psychic and supernatural phenomena.
If you get a reading from Greg you can purchase via donation box and then send an email for Greg in subject header and in the email state what type of reading you purchased from him. He does live sessions too. If you want to touch base with him ahead of time you can reach him at eksonian@hotmail.com, or at kimberlybunch4u@yahoo.com he does assistance work for me through that email address, so he’s often there too.  Phone, or text him @ 509-423-1192

Either Greg or myself respectively will answer in the allotted time specified below in regards to paid readings.

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 You will receive an email response within 24 hours.


 Confidential Assistance

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  “The joy of life is in acknowledging Spirit in all of existence and having spirit acknowledge you back.” 

— Kimberly Bunch

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Loving Expressions Abound in the Universe.

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“The Divine is in all things and can have a direct relation with you.”

–Kimberly Bunch