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You will receive an E-mail response within
48 hours after submitting for your reading.


The Psychic Readings I offer are Strictly confidential. I do not share any of your personal information ever publicly by direct info about you personally. In addition to that ; I do appreciate your Testimonies and your clientele contact regularly through the years. Thank-you for your business.



Steps to Psychic Reading

Submit for your Psychic Readings by purchasing the reading, then contact me about the day and time that works best for you.  Also state your Time Zone when requesting a LIVE reading. Which is done by Skype ; Phone reading, or Instant Messenger.


Psychic Escort 4 hire.

$250. hr. You must book for two hours or more for first time for hire.

No show ups are nonrefundable. You pay ahead of time. And you will have to provide the pickup and drop off for the psychic medium prophetess.



Are you interested in a Psychic, Spiritual Medium Prophetess, Escort for hire? To hang out with and have a nice time with?


You can book a fun time with the Seer if you like for a one on one time with me in person.


I'm just the gal for the job. I am a Seer that can be hired to go along to chat, hang out with ; preach ; entertain ; research the paranormal for the client ; review information ; investigate locations and other fun things that can be entertaining to have a psychic medium prophetess around to hang out with to enjoy the adventures with for hire and of course for fun. Depending on what you want to do....


 If you are interested in hiring a psychic, spiritual medium as myself to talk to one on one about whatever your heart desires, I'm your gal for the job.  Contact me to let me know what you are interested in for the escort time together by means on planning an outing together and for how long you want to book the time together which is a two hour standard on first meeting which can be extended out for longer time together by hourly rate standard @ $250 hr.


You must be in the county or near the county where I am currently stationed for the escort services Seer ; Advisor adventure assistant.


If you need an escort just for yourself to hang out with for what you want to do and where you want to go that's great as long as you don't have Covid-19 or are ill with a contagion.


I make a great escort as a Seer in itself. There's no question about my talents and that I am very professional at work for hire.


Evenmore, I have incredible psychic powers and enjoy my work very much ministering, prophesying, guiding and advising, instructing, investigating, researching, exploring and teaching ; as well as entertaining.


You would need to book ahead of time and be in or near the counties I work out of. You would be required to pay ahead of time starting by two hours limit for first time booking trip. And provide a copy of your license that must be verified upon meeting you in person. As well as the pickup vehicle information.


We will plan the meeting trip together ahead of time after purchase for what you are requesting for the contact time. You will send me a photo of yourself and what you need the psychic medium escort for and for how many hours. Which is an upfront two hours purchase or more in time for first escort contact.


You would be responsible for Purchasing a $250 an hour escort that has a limit of no less than two hours to begin with and no refunds for no show -ups. The client pays for or is the driver for the pick-up and drop-off of the psychic, spiritual medium ; prophetess escort. Which is only I.


You must be in the vicinity; counties I am located at for the contact. I am in the Washington State area currently working through Pierce and King Counties.


Contact me if you want to plan a day escort trip with me to go do psychic investigation work inquires at certain location(s) ; or what have you.


Do you want me to checkout a haunted house? And tell you what I sense about it and / or land terrain area informaiton? Would you like to explore locations together? Or maybe do you want me to go over photos and you ask me questions about people? I have the powers for it. I'm here for you. You would need to be healthy, not ill upon meet up.


Purchase your reading and then send an email to

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